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Meri Brown has a message for her haters.

The long-time Sister Wives cast member has been open for well over a year now in regard to the journey she’s on, often posting mysterious and/or inspirational messages on social media.

She wants followers to know that she’s doing just fine on her own and doesn’t need a man to be happy — which is a good thing, too.

Because Kody Brown has confessed on many occasions that he stopping caring about Meri’s happiness a long time ago.

Considering ALL the cruel things the father of 17 has said about his first spouse, including blaming Meri for having an affair and ruining their marriage, one constant question continues to follow Meri around:


Why on Earth does she remain with Kody?!?

Many critics have labeled Meri has soft or pathetic or desperate for sticking with a husband who clearly has no interest in her… but Brown doesn’t have anything harsh to say in response to this backlash.

Meri Brown in June 2022

During an Instagram Story Q+A session on Monday, the Sister Wives star was asked about how she handles the hateful things some viewers send her way.

Meri, in turn, gave a positive and rather simple take on the matter.

“Just throw love back at them,” wrote the 51-year old.

“They must be feeling a lot of pain.”

Meri and Kody haven’t had sex in 10 years.

On Sister Wives Season 16, Kody lashed out at Meri for always whining and complaining and admitted he stopped trying to be with her in a romantic sense a long, long time ago.

At this point, Meri may claim she holds out hope that things change.

But she also said on February’s tell-all special that she hasn’t left her plural marriage because she’s taking a broader look at the situation… beyond just Kody.

Meri Brown on her Instagram
Photo via Instagram

“I know that my goal and my purpose and my point is to just be a better person and to just look at the family because there’s value to that,” Brown said at the time.

“There is value to this family that we have created.”

Meri, meanwhile, previously posted a pointed message for her critics on social media, saying she’s only “human” and writing in full…

Meri Brown Selfie Time
Photo via Instagram

“Hi, my name is Meri. I’m human. Yes, I’m on TV. Yes, I’m still human. I love. I have feelings. I make mistakes. I say I’m sorry. I forgive,” she wrote way back on her Instagram Story in 2020.

“I’m allowed my privacy. I’m allowed my privacy. Did I say that already?

“I’m allowed to grow. I’m allowed to change. I’m human.”

Since then, Meri has aimed to motivate via this same account.

“Reach up, Rise up, Lift up!” she wrote as a caption on July 7 to the image above.

“Where do you want to be? What goals do you have? Who do you surround yourself with? Who inspires you?

“Put yourself in the presence of those you can learn from. No one ever said, I hit this goal because I hung out with someone who didn’t know anything about it. Think about it.

“Do you learn 8th grade math by hanging out with the 6th graders, or the 8th grade math teacher? Do you learn to cook by hanging out with your baby brother or your mom?”

Meri Brown Selfie Alert
Photo via Instagram

She concluded:

We all have something to give, to offer, to learn. When you’re working toward a goal, put yourself in the space with someone who knows, who you can learn from, who encourages and inspires you.

Read the books from the pros. Find out everything there is to know and then go out and do it.

Reach up and blow your own mind! Watch that magic happen!!