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On Friday’s Mama June: Road to Redemption, the fun in Vegas was winding down.

It was time for a very important dose of reality.

Alana Thompson is a teenager and needed to be in a stable environment.

Right now, that means that Lauryn is her best option. She has the papers for it. But will June agree?

Jessica and Lauryn Shannon are not just sisters, they are co-conspirators. But not in a criminal way.

As you can see in the clip below, they spent time in the hotel room discussing how to best approach June.

They also received help from production, who even coordinated with a notary to get the job done.

“I’m trying to position it so like I don’t piss her off,” Lauryn explained.

“I’m nervous really,” she admitted.

Lauryn was anxious “because there’s only one or two ways this could go.”

“Mama could completely freak out on me,” Lauryn feared.

In the worst case scenario, June might try to “take Alana from me.”

On the bright side, Lauryn continued: “or she could sign the papers and realize that this is what Alana’s best interest is.”

We then heard Lauryn coordinating with producers.

The plan is to ensure that the notary can enter the room and witness June signing the custody documentation.

When they had everything ready, a producer went and told June that her daughters were ready for her — but not what the topic would be.

Despite her jokes about deceiving June, Lauryn is actually very direct.

“Some of the things that you do,” she told June.

Lauryn then listed: like the spending money, the guys.”

Lauryn cut to the chase: “like, Alana’s custody stuff needs to be redone.”

“And,” she continued, “I want basically to just put Alana with me permanently.”

Previously, Alana was in Lauryn’s custody as part of an emergency arrangement during June’s crisis.

“It’s an affidavit of custody,” Lauryn explained.

She detailed: “It just says, Alana told them, ‘I would like to live with my older sister.'”

Lauryn quoted: “‘I want my sister to be the provider and I desire to live with her on a full time basis permanently.'”

“She was saying here, ‘I would like to visit with my mother when I desire,'” Lauryn then reassured her mom.

Obviously, everyone involved felt a lot of tension during this conversation

June looked unhappy and disappointed after Lauryn issued her request.

Later, when addressing the confessional camera, June took on a more frustrated tone.

“I mean, look, this being served with papers after an amazing time here in Vegas,” she complained.

June characterized that it “kind of slapped me in the face.”

“This was supposed to be a fun girls trip,” June pointed out.

“And now it’s like, what the f–k,” she remarked.

Clearly, she felt blindsided and that this was an unhappy ending to a previously pleasant trip.

Fortunately, June changed her tune. She didn’t see signing the document as a big deal.

(As a teenager, Alana’s preferences go a long way when it comes to determining custody)

June agreed, hoping that signing the affidavit would help show Alana that she’s putting her interests first.