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Over the years, fans have had a lot to say about Khloe Kardashian’s body.

Once, it was nothing but body-shaming cruelty. More recently, fans have been concerned.

Khloe has gone to great lengths to obscure her features, and appears alarmingly skinny in her latest photos.

Now, the soon-to-be mother-of-two appears to be showing progress and embracing her features.

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On Thursday, July 21, Khloe Kardashians showed off how she was spending her day.

Behind her, we see a gorgeous view of clear ocean under a bright blue sky.

But all eyes were focused upon the foreground, where Khloe lounged in a simple black bikini.

Bikini photos are nothing new. We all know that Khloe is a knockout.

But this photo turned heads for all new reasons.

There are no signs of filters, airbrushing, or any other edits to the pic. It looks … undoctored.

Khloe Kardashian at the Reunion
Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ series finale Reunion special includes Khloe Kardashian, who has arguably changed the most since the premiere.

Khloe’s fans noticed the very “real” parts of the bikini photo, especially her skin.

There are places where loose skin is visible (likely from her recent weight loss) and appears very natural.

Others pointed out that seeing Khloe with her drink wedged between cushions is downright relatable.

Now, if we’d never seen Khloe before or followed her journey, no one would be commenting.

“Hot woman shares normal bikini photo” isn’t exactly breaking news. Well, not normally.

In this case, however, Khloe and her very public relationship with her body and appearance make this very significant.

Khloe Kardashian Hides Her Hands

For years and years, Khloe has been caught photoshopping and otherwise editing her pics.

Sometimes, it’s a “camera lens” issue that Khloe only explains when people call her out on it.

Other times, her facial features are so distorted that she doesn’t look like herself.

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In a few, she doesn’t even look fully human.

The fans who pointed this out were not bullying Khloe or body-shaming her.

Instead, they were expressing alarm at how much this beautiful woman seemed to despise her true appearance.

It is no mystery why Khloe in particular struggles with her body image, even after obtaining her famous “revenge body.”

This is a woman who rose to fame at the exact wrong time.

In the late aughts, social media existed, but body-shaming culture was still in full swing. She had the worst of both worlds.

Khloe Kardashian Poses with a White Vehicle
Khloe Kardashian tweeted about “betrayal” alongside four photos, stepping up onto her car and striking a pose.

Now, social media still exists, but body-shaming is much less socially acceptable.

In fact, shaming someone for their body type on social media is more of a scandal than having a normal human body.

That was not the case when Khloe and her family became household names. She endured years of vicious attacks.

We already saw this for many years. It was called The Biggest Loser. And, really, the ridiculous term “Revenge Body” has to go, please.

That doesn’t just go away when you start becoming a fitness nut.

Yes, her body changed shape. She rearranged her entire body to deplete her haters’ ammunition.

But could Khloe see the difference? After a certain point, some people can only see their “flaws” and nothing else.

This bikini pic seems to be a sign of progress.

We hope that Khloe has now come to love her body as much as her fans do.

Khloe deserves to have whatever body she desires. We just hope that she knows that some people will always comment.