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Fairly or otherwise, Kendall Jenner is often regarded as the most “natural” member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Despite her career as a runway model, Kendall tends to favor a simpler street style than her sisters, and she generally favors a more low maintenance look.

Of course, for much of her career, the aspect of Kendall’s appearance that attracted the most praise is the fact that she appeared to eschew plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

It’s not clear why Instagram commenters care so much about these things, but they do.

Kendall Does Some Modeling

Anyway, Kendall doesn’t receive quite as many compliments for her natural appearance as she used to these days.

That’s because of rumors that Kendall recently went under the knife for breast implants.

Are there any truth to these reports?

Kendall Jenner Rocks a Bikini

Well, it’s impossible to say for sure, as Kendall seems to have no interest in addressing these rumors.

(Some have concluded that her silence speaks volumes, but that’s not really fair. She’s under no obligation to address every allegation that internet randos throw her way.)

Some folks in Kendall’s situation might shy away from social media altogether.

But like the rest of her family, Kendall has probably gotten used to internet weirdos making weird comments about her appearance.

So instead of backing off, she’s doubling down.

Kendall posted some revealing bikini pics this week, and she zoomed in on her breastal region in what might be her way of flipping a middle finger to the haters.

(Yes, we know “breastal” isn’t a word, but we felt ridiculous typing “boobular.”)

Kendall would certainly be aware of the rumors, so this might be her way of telling the world that she has nothing to hide.

Maybe she’s all natural and she wants the world to know it.

Or maybe she’s proud of the work that she’s had done, and she enjoys showing it off.

Whatever the case, Kendall is fully owning her look, and that’s the most important thing.

And she probably knows that no matter what she does, the haters will continue to scrutinize everything that she posts as part of their pointless, never-ending search for answers.

Kendall Jenner Promotes Tequila

“I spotted the boob job immediately,” one such weirdo recently wrote on Reddit.

“You can see the implant against her chest wall and her normal breast tissue sagging down a bit. It’s pretty obvious when you see it,” this person further explained.

“I think the smallest you can go with implants is 180-300 cc. That’s what this looks like,” another breast-obsessive chimed in.

Kendall Jenner: Boob Selfie 2020

“She went with a conservative adjustment. Anything bigger would change her proportions which would be unideal for runway modeling.”

“The hard ones are usually saline. She likely has cohesive gel. That’s the kind I have. They’re squishy and still jiggle,” a third person chimed in.

You get the idea.

Kendall Jenner Bombshell

Kendall’s breasts are very much a hot topic of debate and discussion these days.

And while the Kar-Jenners’ fame is their bread and butter, Kendall would probably prefer that there be slightly less discussion of her physique.

After all, no matter how famous you are, seeing strangers use phases like “squishy and jiggle” in reference to your Instagram pics has gotta be a little weird.