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90 Day Fiance OGs Russ and Paola Mayfield were basically over late last summer.

Weeks later, they turned things around, resolving to work on their marriage and maybe not divorce. Maybe.

This week, the Mayfields gave fans an update.

Things aren’t exactly going as planned. Are they still together?

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On this week’s episode of 90 Day Diaries, Discovery Plus subscribers heard from Russ and Paola Mayfield.

After their serious rough patch in August of 2021, they have taken steps to mend things.

To make sure that things work, the Mayfields have been going to couples counseling.

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As Paola put it, going to therapy together could go one of two ways — and either one would be helpful.

“One, maybe we’re gonna try to fix it,” Pao began.

“Or either way,” she added, “they’re gonna try to make you realize that maybe we are not supposed to be together anymore.” 

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On screen, we learned that Paola had already asked Russ for a divorce.

This was not a one-time thing.

She revealed that she had pursued ending the marriage “a couple of times.”

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“[I] got a really bad reaction from him,” Pao then said vaguely.

“And I kind of understand,” she explained to the therapist, “‘cause he wants to fight for the marriage.”

“But I’m getting to a breaking point that I’m just exhausted,” Pao expressed, “and like, I don’t wanna keep fighting for this.” 

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Paola and Russ have been living in an RV for some time.

This is not a vacation — this is their reality as they continue to raise their young son.

They have spun this as a desire to “travel” with their son, but living together in the RV also added friction to their marriage.

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Another issue? Russ sort of backed out on an agreement by applying for a job.

“The idea was to actually like, find himself because I was the one providing,” Paola said.

She recalled: “So I said, ‘OK, while I work, you just focus on something so you can be your own boss.’”

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“And I didn’t take action,” Russ freely acknowledged.

“Well, I took the shortcut by going back to the job I have,” he said, “to the comfort zone.”

The same company that had laid him off early in the pandemic welcomed him back.

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Meanwhile, Paola lamented that their RV life isn’t exactly what she “signed up for.” Not like this.

“What I do, I can be anywhere. I can travel anywhere,” she then noted.

“But now, it’s just like, he works from home, and we’re always just there,” Pao lamented. “We are in this position too much.”

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As we saw on the episode, Paola and Russ Mayfield worked out a plan to restore balance to their marriage.

One part of that meant ending the cabin fever element.

In other words, Russ needs to find a workspace outside of their home — no matter what form that may take.

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So, to answer the question, yes, Russ and Paola are still together.

At least, they remained married when this was filmed, and have given no indications of a breakup since then.

Should they be married? It sounds like the Mayfields are still working that out.