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Last month, Britney Spears married Sam Asghari in a gorgeous, exclusive ceremony.

Since then, she has fended off her stalker ex and moved into a gorgeous new home with her gorgeous new husband.

But wait, what comes right after a wedding? The honeymoon!

Britney is sharing thirst traps from her island-hopping honeymoon, including diet tips and topless adventures.

Britney Spears took to Instagram to share two videos documenting her fun in the sun.

She also posted two accompanying captions.

“Part 2 of the Honeymoon here in this unbelievable tropical piece of paradise,” Britney began.

“No this is not a girls gone wild campaign,” she joked, referring to her topless moments on the beach.

Britney explained that “It’s simply me living my life!!!”

“This is what happens when you do a two week yacht island vacation,” she noted.

Britney wrote that she has been “jumping from island to island.”

The experience, she observed, “is literally insane!!!”

“Girls if you want to lose weight,” she joked, “fly in a helicopter and you lose all your fluid from being nervous.”

“I MEAN I think I dropped 4 pounds in a day,” Britney noted, though she was hopefully joking.

“Enough shallow talk right ladies ???” she continued. “That’s too offensive … oh well.”

Weight loss discussions can be insensitive in some cases, but we all understood what she meant.

“Playing the role of How To Lose A Guy In 10 days,” Britney joked in a second caption.

“Am I obnoxious enough ???” she joked.

Britney added: “Do you guys think its real ????”

Britney is of course referring to her playful antics with hunky husband Sam Asghari.

Not all of us are built to enjoy hot weather or bright sun for hours on end.

But clearly, this shared passion is one of many things that drew Britney and Sam together.

As Britney alluded, she went topless more than once on Instagram.

Clothing is a miserable burden, and we are glad that Britney sheds it whenever she gets the chance.

As you can see, however, she only barely avoided breaking Instagram’s rules. Whew!

Some internet weirdos have trolled Britney about a lot of things.

People give her a hard time about the photos that she takes and shares, or the emojis that she uses.

Frankly, some of the same people who cheered for the end of her conservatorship seem to wish that they controlled her life.

But Britney is a grown woman, who can post whatever photos or captions she likes.

What matters is that she’s happy.

It at times feels like some people didn’t care as much about her human rights as they did about the drama of her conservatorship.

Fighting for someone’s freedom to do as they wish sometimes means that they will make their own choices.

These choices may be very different than what their fans might want of them.

That’s not a drawback — it’s the whole point.

Britney is married to a handsome man, living in a home that she chose for herself, and vacationing whenever she likes.

This was the goal of the Free Britney movement, no matter how many people troll her replies.

She’s happy, and we’re happy for her.