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Even if the OG Jersey Shore cast feels angry and exploited, MTV is going ahead with spinoffs.

Well … that was the plan.

Jersey Shore 2.0, a spinoff featuring a brand new cast with the same premise, was all set.

Now, abruptly, production has packed up and left. What is going on?

Jersey Shore Toast
Photo via MTV

The new cast was all set up in the massive house for Jersey Shore 2.0.

Production had already set up. Crews had already outfitted the house with a panopticon of cameras.

And apparently the cast had already moved in and been filming for a week.

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Then, TMZ reports, everything ground to an abrupt halt.

Last week, there were black SUVs, production equipment, lighting, and a security guard at the Atlantic City house.

Now, those are all gone.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 5 Poster
Jersey Shore Family Vacation is back for Season 5! And this time, Snooki and company are headed for the Florida Keys!

Sources say that it was all packed up and taken away.

MTV has now “paused” production on the polarizing spinoff.

That’s not a cancelation, but it’s not good, either. It means money wasted, and employees in limbo.

Jersey Shore Promo Pic
They’re coming back, folks! Here’s a promo for Season 4 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

TMZ spoke with multiple people connected to the new show.

No one seems to be certain why MTV made such an abrupt and dramatic decision.

But it all adds up to one thing: some sort of issue with the cast.

Ronnie, Pauly, Vinny
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This does not necessarily mean that something catastrophic happened.

It could actually mean the opposite.

Potentially, the cast simply did not vibe with each other. Interpersonal chemistry is tricky.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Cast Photo
The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation is gathered here together for celebrate Angelina getting married.

Alternatively, there could have been a real behavioral issue.

Not all “drama” is good for television, and some things are too scandalous, upsetting, or disruptive for reality TV.

(Yes, as hard as it is to believe, even reality shows have some standards)

Jersey Shore Reunion Pic
The Jersey Shore cast is back together! And only one of them is wearing a mask in this photo.

However, one source says that production is still working out details.

So … at least there’s that?

If just one cast member has poor behavior, that’s probably an easier fix. Especially so early into production.

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However, if there is a greater fundamental issue with the cast, that’s trickier.

MTV has not announced the cast of this spinoff, as you may have guessed from our photo choices in this article.

If the group isn’t working as a whole, they might have to recast the entire thing to get it right.

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Now, it is easy to imagine that the OG cast is in a celebratory mood right now.

Some even speculated — without any supporting evidence — that perhaps MTV made this move to appease them.

Famously, the cast called out the network, expressing feelings of exploitation after the spinoff announcement.

But the original cast simply does not have that kind of power.

If they did, then many things would be different.

Perhaps, one day, we will all learn what prompted this production “pause.”