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Last month, 18-year-old Sami Sheen debuted her OnlyFans.

At the time, mom Denise Richards expressed mixed feelings. Charlie Sheen straight-up condemned it.

But after watching what Sami has done with her platform, Denise wants in.

The actress and former RHOBH star is talking about starting her own OnlyFans page. But that’s not all. …

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Less than one month ago, Sami Sheen became a creator on OnlyFans.

The adult media subscription platform has many uses, from paid access to famous people to cooking shows to porn.

While we are not personally subscribers (no offense to Sami), she seems to be posting alluring boudoir photos.

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When Sami first launched her account, she had dozens of likes immediately.

A lot of information is not publicly visible, but it was clear that she was already making a splash.

Fast forward to the first month of June, and Sami’s platform has grown considerably.

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If you’re not seeing the difference, it’s those numbers in the upper left hand corner of the screenshots.

Simply put, Sami is doing very well for herself, especially given the relatively mild content that she is offering.

That kind of instant success can really change people’s minds.

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Denise Richards looks to make a serious point in this photo of her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Denise Richards was not thrilled that Sami was launching an OnlyFans career.

However, she had the common sense to acknowledge that her adult daughter has the right to do so.

Charlie Sheen was much more negative on the topic, but … Sami is not currently living with him.

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So Sami’s newfound success sounds like unmitigated good news. She wins, her subscribers win; everybody’s happy.

However, over the Fourth of July weekend, Sami took to her OnlyFans to post a publicly visible announcement.

She teased a collaboration with a fellow OnlyFans creator … her mother, Denise Richards.

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“I’m shooting with my mom soon,” Sami wrote, tagging Denise Richards’ OnlyFans page.

“If you tip in,” she told her followers, “I’ll make sure to send you [an] extra special and sweet video from both of us.”

Wait, what?!

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That’s right — following in Sami’s footsteps, her 53-year-old mother is signing up.

Obviously, that is not controversial in reasonable circles. And Denise’s content appears to be very tame “bathing suit pictures.”

However, the idea of an OnlyFans collaboration between mother and daughter … that’s just plain squicky.

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The backlash on social media was immediate and vocal.

People think that it’s downright skeevy for Denise and Sami do collaborate in any way on this platform.

We’ll admit that we initially recoiled at the idea. But … is that really fair?

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Obviously, Sami and Denise are not doing anything sexual in their collaboration.

They probably won’t be dressed any differently than they would be on Instagram.

The collaboration is designed to boost both of their accounts. It’s a sound business idea.

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Sammi Sheen flaunted her butterfly wings tattoo along her upper back in this tasteful black-and-white photo.

Is it a bit controversial? Yes.

But that may be part of the point.

Getting attention by any means necessary is a tried and true business strategy.

Like we said, Denise’s account appears to be pretty safe-for-work.

That doesn’t mean that “miss Wild Things” will never post something more salacious.

Might her next collaboration be with Brandi Glanville? (We joke!)