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It was not so long ago that Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen clashed over child-support.

But their daughter, Sami, is not a child anymore.

Now an adult, Sami has launched an OnlyFans, hoping to cash in on thirst, curiosity, and name-recognition.

Charlie is pitching a fit over his adult daughter’s career choice. But Denise is standing by her.

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On Monday, June 13, Sami Sheen debuted her OnlyFans page.

The 18-year-old blonde beauty offers tasteful teasers across social media, wearing a bikini.

It is unknown exactly what she will be offering up to her subscribers.

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At the moment, Sami offers just one post.

Given that it already boasts dozens of likes, she clearly attracted a number of subscribers in just the first few hours of launching.

Sami is charging $19.99 per month.

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OnlyFans gives a convenient rundown of the prices.

If you’re horny enough to shell out $200 a year purely to subscribe to one person, that’s the discounted price.

From Sami’s perspective, even just a few hundred subscribers would equate to a full (middle class) income.

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Sami’s fame and platform gives her the potential to attract many more than a few hundred subscribers.

(With this price, she’ll either need to run promotions or develop a reputation for giving subscribers enough bang for their buck)

But one person in particular thinks that she should scrap this line of work.

Charlie Sheen on Bravo
What, me worry? That’s basically what Charlie Sheen in saying in this photo.

Charlie Sheen messily spoke out, giving a statement to Us Weekly.

He was quick to point out that his adult daughter is currently “living with her mother.”

Charlie expressed his displeasure, noting that this “did not occur under my roof.”

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It is easy to think that a man with Charlie’s reputation would have a more open mind about sex work.

But perhaps the opposite is true.

Could there be something in Charlie’s life experience that makes him think that sex work is unsafe or degrading?

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Meanwhile, Denise Richards gave her own statement to Page Six.

“I do not condone this,” she admitted.

“But since I’m unable to prevent it,” Denise said, “I urged her to keep it classy, creative, and not sacrifice her integrity.”

“Classy” is fairly subjective when it comes to adult media subscription platforms like OnlyFans.

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Sammi Sheen flaunted her butterfly wings tattoo along her upper back in this tasteful black-and-white photo.

Often, this term is used to shame or stigmatize some expressions of sexuality or displays of the human body.

Creativity is almost always a good idea, and can help an OF creator stand out among others.

“Integrity” is key, here, but perhaps not in the way that Denise intended.

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Sammi Sheen flaunted her butterfly wings tattoo along her upper back in this tasteful black-and-white photo.

Denise probably meant that she felt that Sami might somehow compromise who she is by showing “too much.”

But integrity is genuinely important for OF creators, because dishonest advertising on the platform can be controversial at best.

Denise’s public comments about Sami Sheen’s OnlyFans on social media have been more affirming, at least.

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Who knows — Denise could end up following Sami’s example and opening her own account. But we doubt it.

Congratulations to Sami on her exciting new venture.

We hope that it’s mutually beneficial for her and her subscribers.

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Tuesday 27th of June 2023

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