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Little People, Big World fans are grappling with this Roloff rift between Matt and Zach.

The sale of a solid chunk of Roloff Farms, the part that Zach wanted most, has disrupted multiple family events.

Now, that bitter disruption has also extended to Father’s Day.

Over the weekend, Zach snubbed Matt in a way that fans couldn’t miss.

Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff Interview
Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff are pictured here on a 2022 episode of Little People, Big World.

Most of the time, what you say matters most.

On special occasions and holidays that honor specific people or groups of people, that changes.

On Sunday, June 19, it was Zach Roloff’s silence that spoke volumes.

Zach and Tori Roloff and 3 Kids

Zach did not make a Father’s Day post on Sunday.

He has a living father. Both of his brothers are fathers. Zach, himself, is a dad.

But his feud with Matt made it simply impossible for him to say anything right now. That’s understandable.

Matt and Zach Roloff on Air
Matt and Zach Roloff aren’t getting along well in 2022. They’ve been clashing over the future of their family farm.

Tori Roloff made a post … but she did not mention Matt even once.

Instead, she focused upon her husband.

“Daddin’ so hard this Father’s Day,” she wrote about Zach.

Tori Roloff on Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day, Tori Roloff! The reality star uploaded this photo to social media in honor of that occasion in 2022.

Tori also gave her dad a shoutout with a simple “I love my dad” and a throwback snap.

In some ways, Tori’s refusal to refer to her father-in-law was a more deliberate slight.

Zach said nothing at all. Tori said plenty, but snubbed Matt all the same.

Zach Roloff Looks Sullen

For years, Zach looked forward to one day participating in the farm.

No one had worked out the finer details, of course.

Perhaps the Roloff children would run the farm together.

Matt Roloff is Serious
Matt Roloff takes on a serious expression in this photo. He must be pondering something important.

In fact, Matt suggested this future multiple times, noting which qualities his respective sons had.

He did this in private and publicly, making sure that fans got the same impression.

It was a shock to Zach when his plans to buy part of the farm fell through. Matt decided to sell to others.

Matt Roloff: Using Amy's Wedding to Promote His Pumpkin Business?

Obviously, Matt has his own ideas about how this went down.

He believes that Zach did not negotiate fairly to buy that parcel of land.

Therefore, Matt sees this as a business decision that is now hurting their family.

Zach Roloff Models

Zach feels led on, and he is not alone.

Jeremy and Audrey clearly felt similarly misled.

Now, the entire family is suffering from a rift that is unlikely to go away any time soon.

Matt and Amy Roloff: Selling the Family Farm? Moving Away For Good?

To Matt and Zach, this feud is the source of a lot of hurt feelings.

Ultimately, it may not matter whose fault this is.

At the end of the day, Zach and Tori relocated because they can no longer see themselves raising their family at what’s left of the farm. That’s sad.