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Earlier on Season 12, Crystal Kung Minkoff stated that Sutton Stracke said something “dark.”

We’re still only in the early episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but this claim has haunted the cast.

Some viewers are anxious to know what she said. Other fans dismissed it as Crystal’s attempt at a storyline.

But now, Sutton is being accused of outright racism by someone who is not a reality star — her daughter’s ex-BFF.

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A teenager who goes by Elissa Kimm posted and deleted a TikTok video in June of 2022.

She says that she was friends with Sutton’s daughter, Porter.

Even a brief search turns up photos of Elissa with Porter on Graduation Day.

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“Me when I cut off my high school BFF of five years,” Elissa’s post began.

She ended the friendship “because her mom was racist to me.”

“And now,” Elissa observed, “she’s a real housewife getting called out for being racist.”

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“Her response is ‘My white daughter had a Chinese friend’ on TV,” Elissa pointed out.

Elissa writes in her caption that she is not of Chinese descent. Of course.

Americans of Asia descent being called “Chinese” regardless of heritage is a racist experience that has gone back for generations.

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We don’t know if Elissa was the “Chinese girl” to whom Sutton referred.

Elissa seems to be unsure, as well.

But apparently her personal experiences with Sutton were enough. She has cut ties with Porter.

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Now, to hear the Housewives put things together, Sutton commented about the teens, in a positive way.

She may have also spoken about how she “doesn’t see race,” which is a harmful statement and sentiment.

Claiming to “not see” race implies that there is something that you are overlooking as a favor to someone, which … sucks.

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Those, like Sutton, who insist that they “don’t see” race are also admitting to ignoring real problems.

A “colorblind” approach only works in a world without marginalized communities or generational inequality.

The consequences can range from awkward casting on a TV show to people’s lives being in danger.

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You can’t ignore injustice when it continues to impact real people.

But what Elissa is talking about isn’t Sutton “not seeing race.”

Unfortunately, a young woman of color might expect to hear eye roll-worthy statements like that from a white friend’s mom.

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What did Sutton Stracke do or say?

We don’t know. We desperately want to, to resolve this conflict and to know how to feel about Sutton.

But unless these toxic comments and microaggressions happened every day, there was likely more to it.

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This of course brings us to Crystal Kung Minkoff.

After briefly sharing that she was troubled after a “dark” comment by Sutton, she has been skewered.

Fellow Housewives have called her out. Viewers have seemingly ruled that she’s just being dramatic.

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Even if we rule that Crystal is willing to destroy Sutton’s reality career for a storyline, that would not explain Elissa’s post.

When two different women accuse the same person of the same behavior, it’s no longer she-said, she-said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans sincerely hope that we can get to the bottom of this, possibly on the Reunion.