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If you’ve been following the career of renowned grifter Samantha Markle, then you know that the woman has no shame.

There’s basically nothing she won’t try if she thinks it’ll help to score a quick buck or damage the reputation of her beloved sister, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

And now that Samantha is suing Meghan, she’s really pulling out all the stops.

Samantha has filed suit against her sister in connection with the latter’s controversial interview with Oprah that aired last year.

Now, you might be asking questions along the lines of:

Wasn’t that interview mostly about the royal family?

If anyone has reason to be pissed off, isn’t the Queen and company?

Isn’t Meghan media-savvy enough not to say defamatory things in front of a massive TV audience?

Meghan Markle Forces a Smile

Those are all valid questions.

And Samantha is willing to ignore every one of them if it means extending her 15 minutes of fame for just a few more seconds.

All kidding aside, Samantha was only briefly alluded to during the interview, and she absolutely does not have a case.

Samantha Markle on TV

Add to that the fact that Meghan has grounds for a slam-dunk countersuit (more on that later) and you can see why Sam’s case might be in trouble before it even goes to court.

And so, her lawyers are already taking desperate measures by attempting to force the assigned judge to recuse himself.

Their argument, according to UK newspaper The Independent, is that it’s impossible for the judge to be impartial, because he was appointed by Barack Obama.

Barack Obama on CBS

They claim that because Meghan and Harry are friends with the former president’s family, any Obama-appointed judge would naturally be biased in Meghan’s favor.

Like we said, it’s a ridiculous argument.

And thankfully, Samantha’s motion has already been dismissed.

Samantha Markle: Meghan and Harry Are Gonna Get Divorced!

It’s the first in what’s sure to be a long line of legal setbacks for Samantha, especially if Meghan decides to file a countersuit.

As you may recall, Samantha has made a number of outrageous claims lately, including the allegation that Meghan faked her first pregnancy and did not give birth to baby Archie.

From there, she suggested that the Sussexes two children might not even exist, and Harry and Meghan have launched an elaborate con with the goal of duping the entire world.

Sam Markle

“My father has only seen a little square of Archie’s face. Nobody has seen those children,” Samantha told radio host Nick Ferrari in a recent interview.

“Not my father. And it was my understanding that the Royal Family has not either.

“Nobody has seen the children, full-frontal, face-on,” Samantha continued.

Harry and Meghan and Archie

“The British people would want to see that, and the American people would want to see that,” she prattled on.

“The world would have joined together in celebrating these children. But nobody has seen them.”

Obviously, many, many millions of people have seen the kids, and Samantha is a completely ridiculous person for suggesting otherwise.

This trial is sure to be quite an annoyance for Meghan, but on the upside, it should be pretty amusing for the rest of the world!