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Lamar Odom has apparently changed his romantic tune.

For many years, long after his divorce from Khloe Kardashian, the former NBA star had openly pined after his ex-wife.

As recently as this past February, Odom remarked on how “refreshing” it has been to hear support from social media users who want to see him and Khloe reconcile.

“She’ll always have a place in my heart,” Odom said of his famous ex-spouse.

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This may still be the case.

But Lamar has a funny way of expressing his feeling if so… considering he was asked by Page Six this week whether he’d prefer to get back together with Kardashian or Taraji P. Henson.

Odom has previously been involved with both of these lovely women.

“I think the difference between Taraji and Khloé is how they [were] brought up,” Odom replied. “Their upbringing, which makes people different and [affects] the way they think.”

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Okay, fine. Fair enough.

But then Lamar went on to elaborate on his point, basically saying that not only is Henson different from Khloe; she’s more talented, too.

“I think Taraji is more skillful in what she does as an actress compared to what Khloe does,” he told the outlet.

Despite the apparently shade, Odom did refer to Kardashian in this same interview as a “great wife.”

Nope, He Now Says!

Odom and Henson dated throughout 2009.

Lamar then split from the actress and married Kardashian after a mere month of courtship; the two separated in 2016.

Ever since, however, Odom and Kardashian have only said nice things about each other in public.

Khloe also rushed to be by Lamar’s side after his near-fatal drug overdose in the fall of 2016.

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“When I came out of the coma, she took care of me.

“I’m talking about a woman that wiped my backside when I couldn’t do it myself,” Odom told Us Weekly in February about Kardashian’s care for him in the hospital back then.

“So, I’m fond of her for that.

“She had a lot of dignity and pride as well as I did.”

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Khloe, of course, most recently dated Tristan Thompson… on multiple occasions.

She gave birth to his daughter three years ago, too, although the relationship fell apart after Thompson cheated on her… on multiple occasions.

At times throughout this challenging romance, meanwhile, Odom has hinted that he’d be interested in rekindling things with Kardashian.

She never reciprocated this interest, though.

Lamar Odom at Kids Choice

Perhaps this is why Lamar has decided to turn his attention back to Henson, not that they have any chance of making out again, either.

“I love Taraji. It’s a love thing. It’s about who you love,” Odom explained to Page Six his hypothetical decision.

“Taraji is a cool girl. Matter fact she’s here [in L.A.].

“I got to see her at the BET Awards in June. So maybe I’ll get to shoot my shot at her again.”

Good luck with that, dude. We’re guessing you’re gonna need it.

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For her part, meanwhile?

We doubt Khloe cares much about Odom has to say these days.

She’s moved on, according to various reports, and is now dating some unnamed businessman.