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Josh Duggar no longer has his dad to bail him out.

On Tuesday morning, the convicted pedophile was transferred from a holding facility in Arkansas to a federal prison in Texas.

Specifically, the former reality star is an inmate at FCI Seagoville in Dallas.

He’s one of over 1,700 individuals who are housed in this jail, which made national headlines in August 2020 after 75% of these inmates were diagnosed with COVID-19, and three passed away.

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Duggar, however, is not reportedly afraid of contracting this virus.

He is, though, scared of dying and/or suffering for another reason… according to In Touch Weekly, at least.

“Even though Seagoville is low security and not known for violence against inmates, it does happen,” an insider told this tabloid late Wednesday, adding of Josh:

“And he’s going in for what fellow criminals and inmates despise: a child sex offender.”

Josh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug Shot

As it turns out, approximately 40% of inmates at this prison were found guilty of sex crimes.

Duggar will be the most famous of these offenders, of course, and his crime is as grisly and as disgusting as it gets.

A jury of Duggar’s peers determined in December that Josh had downloaded an endless array of videos and photos — all of which were sexually graphic, all of which featured kids under the age of 12.

As a result?

“No one here feels sorry for him,” the same In Touch source said of Duggar.

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During his time at Seagoville, Josh won’t be allowed any conjugal visits with his wife, Anna Duggar.

In fact, the only type of physical contact he can engage in with visitors is “handshakes, hugs, and kisses (in good taste),” according to the Bureau of Prisons website.

These visitors are allowed on a strict schedule, as inmates will be given a monthly point system that limits how many visits they are permitted.

All visitors must be on the inmate’s Approved Visitors List, they are subject to search and they must adhere to a detailed list of rules regarding conduct and behavior.

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A second In Touch mole, meanwhile, said this week that Duggar “totally took for granted,” continuing in bitter fashion:

“For all the sanctimonious crap he spewed about forgiveness and being a changed man, look where it got him.”

Josh’s new “reality” of life at Seagoville has “set in,” the same source added.

“Now, he’ll know what hell is really like.”

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What else do we know about this prison?

  • Meals are served cafeteria-style in the Inmate Dining Room during specified hours.
  • Inmates are allowed select personal items such as playing cards, books and stamps.
  • Incoming mail is monitored and “screened for contraband according to Bureau of Prisons policy.

The Walsh Act, passed by Congress in 2006 also “requires all inmates with a history of sexual offenses be reviewed and evaluated prior to release.”

Based on that evaluation, “those who are at high risk of committing new sexual offenses will be subject to civil commitment after their current sentence expires.”

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Even with good behavior, Josh will be behind these bars for a minimum of 10.5 years.

By all accounts, somehow, Anna will be there waiting for him upon his release.

“Anna is relying on her faith to face the challenges ahead,” we previously reported, quoting someone who described the mother of seven as “strong and determined” and concluding:

“Anna’s family, the Kellers, have rallied around her, but she’s still close to the Duggars too. She hasn’t turned her back on her in-laws.”