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Unfortunately, Asuelu Pulaa is not the only one criticizing Kalani Faagata.

It’s worse, because he’s her husband, but she sees the hate from pearl-clutching 90 Day Fiance fans, too.

Kalani is a brand ambassador for Savage X Fenty, and of course models lingerie on social media.

She has something to say to trolls who are trying to shame her over the pics.

This week, Kalani Faagata shared a powerful message on her Instagram Story.

“To the religious people who’ve written that I don’t know my worth,” she began.

Kalani continued: “because of the photos I post for my lingerie partnership.”

“In church, my worth was always tied to my body,” Kalani recalled.

“And,” she added grimly, “what it could do for men.”

Kalani then characterized: “My virginity was a gift for a husband, not myself.”

She explained that she was taught that “my body needed to be covered to help men not sin.”

“After marriage,” Kalani continued, “my body was reserved for a husband’s needs and eyes only.”

“I know many of you were taught the same,” Kalani acknowledged with a sorrowful tone.

She knows this “because you always mention my worth in relation to men.”

Kalani then noted that these shamers always discuss “how my dad, sons, or Asuelu would feel about the photos.”

“My worth is not measured by men,” Kalani strongly affirmed.

Kalani correctly added: “My worth is not washed away when I’m ‘immodest.'”

It is good that she put that in quotation marks.

Modesty is a ludicrous measure for one’s wardrobe or value.

Asuelu’s suggestion is absurd on its face. She does admit to being open for a visit, but that’s it.

“My value is determined by me,” Kalani reminded her detractors.

She added: “What I choose to do with my body doesn’t diminish that.”

Kalani concluded: “I know my worth; do you know yours?”

She reminds him that her boobs are pretty busy but she’s weaning their kids, and doesn’t he miss having her breasts all to himself? Asuelu answers bluntly.

There is no question whether Kalani Faagata is one hot mama. She’s gorgeous.

She is a Savage X Fenty brand ambassador.

If I thought that I knew who looks good in lingerie better than Rihanna, I would simply not embarrass myself by saying so.

Low Faagata - say what? (with Kalani Faagata shocked)

Kalani’s haters are doing more than just body-shaming her, however.

These trolls are expressing misogynistic attitudes that run even deeper.

We can easily discern that Kalani is speaking of her own religious trauma — but also, of what motivates her haters.

Kalani Faagata described some cruel attitudes towards women in her Instagram Story.

Many of us associate these harmful ideas with fringe fundamentalist cults.

Kalani was raised Mormon. The truth is that toxic purity culture infects many aspects of our culture, not merely the fringes.

Kalani Faagata tears up thinking about losing Asuelu

People of faith deserve better than misogyny, sex negativity, and body-shaming.

Similarly, Kalani does not deserve to be a target of frustration for random trolls.

If someone personally believes that they should not show skin on Instagram, that’s fine. What does that have to do with Kalani?

Kalani Faagata feels like the devil is at her doorstep

We cannot help but think of the comparisons that have been drawn between Kalani Faagata and Emily Bieberly.

Both are breastfeeding moms who have been hated by the infamous misogynist sections of the 90 Day Fiance fandom.

While they are not the same, we hope that Emily can one day earn as much love and support as Kalani has.