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On her Road to Redemption, June Shannon has now confirmed the following:

She recently made a detour.

To make sure she isn’t traveling on this road all by herself.

Indeed, as previously reported on this celebrity gossip website, Shannon went ahead in March and married Justin Stroud, a younger man who she only just started dating in October.

June Shannon, Husband

On Wednesday, a couple days after other outlets reported on these unexpected nuptials, Mama June herself came out and confirmed this romantic news.

"We’re here today to clear up some rumors," June and Justin said in a joint video. "[We] are off the market. Guys, you know what, when you know, just know."

Shannon rose to fame as the mother of child beauty pageant contestant Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

She later dated a loser named Geno Doak for a number of years, even getting arrested along his side in March 2019 for drug possession and then remaining with Doak for another long period of time after that… amid her hardcore drug use days.

Photo via Instagram

But June says she’s now sober.

And in love.

On Wednesday (via Instagram), the couple also teased how details from their relationship will likely appear on upcoming episodes of Shannon’s WE tv show, telling fans to tune in because "you’re not gonna want to miss how our love story started."

Shannon, of course, has already provided a few of these details.

Photo via Instagram

"We’ve known each other going on a year now. We were best friends and we decided to take it to the next step in the last eight months," June previously told The Sun of Stroud, adding:

"He would send these sweet messages saying, ‘Hey, how are you doing? Hope you are having an amazing day.’

"Noticing the little stuff, that’s what made me fall for Justin."

Stroud is 34 years… works as an auto mechanic… she met June on TikTok… and reportedly gets along well with Shannon’s daughters.

Mama June Shannon and Justin Stroud
Photo via Instagram

"They like him," June has told E! News about Stroud and her two kids.

"We’ve all hung out. They were honest when he first met him and they told him that, ‘Hey, it’s not you. It’s her. She brings people around’ and he understood that."

Added Shannon to The Sun several weeks ago:

"Justin is an amazing person and he understands everything I’ve been going through.

"I’ve been able to share stuff with him that I’ve never been able to share with other people — not even my kids and so it’s really nice to have that partnership."

Photo via Instagram

This is the first marriage for the WE tv personality, whose dating past has been clouded by controversy.

In 2014, Shannon was linked to convicted sex offender Mark McDaniel, which prompted the cancellation of her TLC series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

That same year, her youngest child revealed that she was a victim of McDaniel starting when she was 8 years old, telling People Magazine he "would try and touch [her] and all that stuff" when he was dating her mother.

Yuck. Just… YUCK.

Photo via WEtv

According to Shannon, though, she has learned from past mistakes.

"He is not here for the clout. He’s not here for the money. He don’t give a s–t what’s in the bank account," June also told E! News awhile back.

"He’s got his own life, his own money, his own s–t, his own goals…

"People who know me say, ‘You just seem so much happier.’

"People are going to see that he’s amazing and he’s not going no where. This one I’m not going to let get away.