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A couple of months ago, Memphis Smith confirmed her split from Moknii Hamza.

Many 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days fans were crushed by the breakup, and wanted to understand why.

The news that has followed has been nothing short of bewildering.

Now, Hamza has made a heartbreaking post about not being able to see his daughter on his first Father’s Day.

But first
Memphis is sick and not feeling well, so she has to leave the Tell All. Hamza, however, remains behind at production’s request.

On Sunday, June 19, Moknii Hamza took to his Instagram Story to share an unusual message.

“Today is Father’s Day,” he acknowledged.

“It would be the first Father’s Day with my daughter,” Hamza noted.

“We should be celebrating together,” the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days alum wrote.

Instead, Hamza despaired: “I don’t know when I will see her.”

He concluded: “Today should be special but all I can do is patiently wait to see her again.”  

Memphis Sandoval and Moknii Hamza Ride to Their Wedding
90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 5, Episode 15 showed Memphis Smith and Moknii Hamza en route to their wedding.

We all knew that their breakup was certainly an ugly one.

They have not shared the details.

What little we know comes from Hamza’s sister, who suggested that Hamza and Memphis were clashing over jealousy issues.

Moknii Hamza proposes to Memphis Sandoval

Obviously, there must have been much more to this than Memphis dropping off the kids at her ex’s house.

We do not know what happened to cause this bitter breakup.

Memphis and Hamza likely signed NDAs, and almost certainly filmed another season.

This goodbye is so hard
They both begin to tear up and sob ahead of Memphis’ flight home to Michigan. Going months without seeing your spouse is not easy.

Meanwhile, Memphis posted a Father’s Day tribute of her own over the weekend.

There was one familiar, obvious face missing.

Hamza did not show up anywhere in Memphis’ post.

Memphis Smith Has Tearful Meltdown Amidst Feud with Hamza's Sister: Please Leave Me Alone!

“People tend to forget that being a ‘Father’ goes [beyond] helping create a child,” Memphis wrote.

“We all know too well that those acts do not make someone a ‘father,’’ she added.

Memphis then affirmed: “Their ACTIONS do!” 

They visit ancient stonework
It’s beautiful to see. While Memphis is briefly left alone (with cameras and producers standing back and filming her while she stands awkwardly waiting for Hamza), it’s all worth it when he returns.

“Knowing my history,” Memphis continued, “I learned from an early age that ‘blood’ doesn’t mean someone loves you any more or less!”

She then wrote: “That their TRUE LOVE and AFFECTION and SUPPORT and CONSISTENCY is what matters!”

A real father will “sacrifice their OWN wants and dreams,” Memphis explained.

Memphis and Hamza, everyone!
Memphis and Hamza are not only married, but were able to actually be together on stage. Hamza actually got lost in New York the night before this was filmed, but the two looked amazing and very much in love sitting together on stage.

“THANK YOU to the fathers that continue to SACRIFICE for EVERY child,” she expressed.

Memphis concluded her post: “BIOLOGICAL or NOT.”

Frankly, it’s unclear whether she meant this as shade towards Hamza or a general statement. Possibly … both?

Apparently, he hoped to sound old and more mature, to make Memphis feel that they were more compatible. This also confirms that it’s not a misunderstanding — he lied on purpose, and had a motive for it.

Throughout their season of Before The 90 Days, many vocal viewers were Team Hamza.

Part of this was that he was young and seemed earnest.

At the same time, Memphis was a woman pursuing a younger man and willing to bare cleavage — making her an instant enemy for some viewers.

Memphis is very conspicuously the hottest cast member at this Tell All (hottest person overall might be Kimberly’s son, but that comes later), walking in a can’t-miss outfit.

Memphis ended up leaving the Tell All early under “mysterious” circumstances.

She later revealed that this was because of conflict with production, whom she felt were dishonest.

It is unclear if Memphis’ conflict with producers had any impact upon other filming projects.

This is hard to take
Some of Hayet’s concerns, even if it’s just worry about her son, hurt Memphis’ feelings, so she tries to emphasize how far she has come and how much she loves Hamza.

Most of us struggle to imagine what circumstances would lead Memphis to “keep” her baby from Hamza.

We need to remember to avoid jumping to conclusions. Not even Hamza directly accused Memphis of that.

Meanwhile, some blame Hamza, noting that he has been living in Chicago since the breakup … far from his baby in Michigan.