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In an earlier court filing, Rob Kardashian accused Blac Chyna of breaking a previous agreement.

Had they both kept up their ends of an alleged out-of-court deal, they both might have been spared some hardship.

Of course, Chyna says that the alleged agreement as Rob described it did not exist.

The court has declined Rob’s request to force her to go with the deal. This isn’t over.

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On Thursday, June 16, a Superior Court judge in Los Angeles turned down Rob Kardashian’s motion.

He had asked the court to enforce an alleged settlement with Blac Chyna, his ex.

Chyna and her team deny that the agreement ever existed in the first place, and are now in a celebratory mood.

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Her attorney, Lynne Ciani, spoke to People about this latest development.

“Chyna is very pleased that the trial judge denied Rob’s motion to ‘enforce’ a settlement that never existed,” she stated.

“Without a settlement,” Ciani continued, “Chyna will prove her case to a Los Angeles jury on June 20.”

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Chyna intends to make her case “that Rob posted devastating revenge porn of her.”

In 2017, Rob posted all of this “to millions of his Instagram followers without her consent.”

Those of us who were following Rob in early July five years ago remember that incident all too well.

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“Revenge porn is a very dangerous form of violence,” Ciani detailed.

Revenge porn, she added, is “predominantly perpetrated against girls and women.”

“Victims of revenge porn typically experience serious anxiety, shame, and helplessness,” Ciani expressed.

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Many revenge porn victims also see their employment suffer as a result. It’s horrific.

Grimly, she cited: “Some revenge porn victims have committed suicide.”

Whatever people may think of Chyna as a person, we can all be glad that she was not also a suicide victim.

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“Rob Kardashian has never taken responsibility,” Ciani stated.

She continued: “for his heinous and vengeful act of posting revenge porn against Chyna in July 2017.”

Ciani added: “He was never criminally prosecuted.”

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“It is finally time for Rob to be held accountable in a court of law,” Ciani concluded.

While revenge porn is illegal in many places, that does not mean that perpetrators are held accountable.

Justice is a complicated thing, and our legal system is ill-equipped to dispense it.

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As for the alleged deal, Rob claimed that Chyna had offered to drop her lawsuit against him.

There was one condition, however:

Rob had to get Chyna out of a separate lawsuit with no further expenditures on her part.

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Pilot Jones accused Rob and Chyna of outing him as gay.

After his outing, Pilot became the target of cruel social media harassment campaign.

Rob claimed that Chyna changed her mind and acted in bad faith, while she says that there was no deal to begin with.