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At Selling Sunset‘s first ever post-season Reunion special, Chrishell Stause unveiled her new relationship.

Just months after things ended with Jason Oppenheim, Chrishell is dating G Flip.

While Chrishell’s coming out was celebrated, it was also a surprise — to no one more than to castmate Maya Vander.

Her astonished look in response made the rounds on social media, took on meme status, and even Chrishell has weighed in.

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To start from the beginning, Chrishell is of course the ex of Justin Hartley.

Very famously, he broke up with her — allegedly via text message — in a shocking moment that Chrishell recounted on Selling Sunset.

More recently, however, she has been in a relationship with Jason Oppenheim, but the two broke up last year.

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One of the key issues to their breakup, Chrishell explained, was that Jason did not want kids — and Chrishell does.

That is understandable, and breaking up is always a better choice than hoping that your partner will one day cave (or be pressured) into seeing things your way.

But some were puzzled that her new partner, G Flip, is unlikely to help Chrishell conceive if kids are what she wants.

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G Flip is nonbinary, and Chrishell introduced them as such at the Reunion.

This was an exciting move, both for fans of Chrishell’s pursuit of happiness and for those happy to see more everyday appearances by nonbinary folks.

But, as we said, Chrishell’s reasons for splitting with Jason seemed at odds with her choice in a new partner.

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None were more visibly confused than Maya Vander.

Her look of puzzlement, apparently brought on by the apparent contradiction in Chrishell’s dating habits, took off.

Quickly attaining meme status on social media, and particularly on Gay Twitter, people could not get over Maya’s reaction.

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This was not the only takeaway — speaking of Gay Twitter, Sam Greisman confessed to accidentally saying "G Flop" and joked about plans to use that as an insult this summer.

What really makes this moment cute, however, is Chrishell’s response.

She used the meme itself to explain why dating G Flip, or anyone else unlikely to impregnate her, is not a contradiction in the slightest.

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"Me realizing how many people didn’t know you could adopt children on your own," the Maya meme reads.

"Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of the mothers that are with us," Chrishell captioned the pic earlier this week.

"And," she continued, "to those that no longer are."

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"Absolutely no matter how you got there," Chrishell wrote, a reference to how there are many paths to motherhood.

"@themayavander is a supportive beautiful mom," she praised, "and we laughed about this before posting."

Chrishell then acknowledged: "I know a lot of you are confused. But what is important is that I am not."

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"Thank you to the beautiful open minds that have shown support," Chrishell expressed.

She concluded by writing: "I want to hug you."

Awwww! So sweet.

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People dating a nonbinary partner (or any trans partner) know that they and their relationship will be placed under intense scrutiny.

It’s no secret that there is a lot of transphobia festering in the world, and nonbinary people are not exempt just because they are so often left out of the conversation.

Fortunately, Chrishell has a lot of supportive friends and fans who are happy for her and G Flip. It sounds like, despite some initial questions, Maya is one of them.