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On some level, even Kanye West understands that he is unwell. But in many ways, he is still exactly who he appears to be to the public.

Well over a year after Kim Kardashian filed to divorce him, their "conscious uncoupling" is still playing out in court.

Kanye’s battle isn’t just with his ex. The world has watched as the self-described "genius" went through one divorce attorney and moved on to the next.

Now, Ye has parted ways with his fourth divorce attorney. Um … fifth time’s the charm?

Kanye West in Thought
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The Blast reports that Kanye West is no longer working with Samantha Spector.

The fourth lawyer to take his case, she has now filed documents to step down from representing him.

Though Spector obviously avoided specifics, =documents do list "an irreconcilable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship" as the cause.

Kanye West Spins Conspiracy Theories
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Kanye is having an out-of-state attorney take up the reins on a temporary basis.

This attorney, who already works for him, is from Pennsylvania and does not actually specialize in divorce.

But when it comes to filing "simple" legal documents and holding the fort until a new high-powered divorce attorney can be selected, any capable lawyer will do.

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Prior to being subjected to a professional attorney-client relationship with Kanye, Spector represented Nicole Young during her divorce from Dr. Dre.

Spector only took up Kanye’s case in March.

One wonders what could cause a total breakdown in attorney-client relationship in the space of two months.

Kanye Gets Silenced
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Before Spector came along, Kanye was represented in this matter by Chris Melcher.

However, Ye ended up firing Melcher.

Apparently, the attorney-client relationship "had become extremely difficiult, with little communication."

Kanye West Puts on a Smile
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It is not difficult to imagine how even a matter of weeks could make a high-powered attorney go from "ready to work hard for a well-paying client’s well-publicized divorce" to quitting.

Kanye has a long history of making irrational statements in interviews and making impulsive decisions with little thought for the consequences.

This can make him difficult when it comes to creative collaboration, difficult in a marriage, and difficult to represent in a court of law.

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Some have speculated that Kanye is undecided, or perhaps oscillating between extremes, when it comes to the divorce itself.

Does he let Kim go and commit to a peaceful co-parenting experience? Does he fight her tooth and nail? Does he desperately try to win her back?

The world at large has seen evidence of all three … especially the latter two … as Kanye seemingly makes no effort to conceal his conflicting feelings.

Kanye West at a Fight
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At times, Kanye’s behavior has been worrisome — not just for his own mental state, but for the safety of others.

He famously announced that he had purchased a house right by Kim’s because "nothing" would "keep" him from his children.

There has been no evidence that Kim has at any point tried to keep him from his children, but it seems that conflicting schedules coupled with paranoia may have made him believe otherwise.

Infamously, Kanye also made and released a stop-motion music video depicting him kidnapping Pete Davidson and burying him alive.

Flowers were then grown on top of Pete’s head, which Ye then piled into a truck — not unlike the real-world truckload of flowers that he sent.

These are all worrisome. One can only imagine what comments he may have made with an attorney that would cause an ethical lawyer to realize that they should find work elsewhere.