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By now, you’ve likely seen the clip.

You’ve probably watched the preview.

And you’ve almost definitely asked yourself:

What the heck is going on? Why did Joe Gorga curse and fume and storm off the set of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, which was filmed this month and which will air in early May?

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Teresa Giudice was asked this exact question when talking on Wednesday to Us Weekly.

“Andy Cohen asked me a question and I gave my answer,” Giudice tried to explain to this tabloid, adding in vague detail:

"So, when I gave my answer, my brother’s like, ‘There you go putting me down.’ And I’m like, ‘First of all, I would never put my brother down. I love my brother.’"

Teresa has taken issue all season long with the lack of support from her co-stars when it comes to fiance Luis Ruelas.

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Actually, it’s been more than that.

These same co-stars have openly questioned Ruelas, bringing up troubling rumors about both his professional and personal lives.

"You know what?" Joe tells his sister in footage from the reunion, after Teresa berates him for not sticking up for Luis. "Be a sister for once in a while, you f-cking moron."

Later, after telling Teresa to stop "’putting me down," Joe walks off and says: "I’m done. F— you people. … You know what, I quit."

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Yikes, huh?

“He’s my only sibling. I absolutely adore him," Teresa when on when speaking to Us Weekly.

"Like, he’s my baby brother [and] no matter what, I’ll always take the fall for him [because] I’m the older sister.

"I’ll take the blame. I don’t care. Blame it on me. … Andy asked me a question, I answered the question. It was my opinion and he didn’t like my answer."

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Giudice, of course, is very good at her job.

She knows this is all show and she knows it’s on her to promote the upcoming reunion.

“I’m not trying to put my brother down,” she continued, prior to adding this tease: “That’s just how I feel and how I felt like my answer goes the same for Luis…

"So, you’ll see it play out on the show.”

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 8/7c and the reunion premieres on May 3.

It sounds like it’s gonna be quite dramatic, even by the high standards set on previous reunion specials.

“I’ve never seen [Andy Cohen ] so frustrated, agitated. It’s the longest reunion I’ve ever had. I think that he’s ever had, we went way over,” Margaret Josephs said earlier this month.

“It’s crazy, it was draining, exhausting, fights exploded with people you would never think they would explode with…

"There was a lot of people going away still agitated, new people fighting. So, there’s no resolve this season.”