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Teresa Giudice flipped out on Tuesday night.

She didn’t go old school and flip any tables — but the polarizing Bravo personality sure came close.

As Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers know well, Giudice has been growing angrier and angrier all season long over the way her colleagues have acted suspicious of fiance Luis Ruelas.

Margaret Josephs, in particular, has questioned the guy’s past.

Teresa Giudice ANGRY

"I’m not gonna let her treat me like sh-t," said Josephs near the top of the latest Real Housewives episode, adding on camea:

"Luis’ name is being dragged on social media every day. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being concerned."

As the cast and their spouses got ready for a trip to Nashville, Teresa made it clear didn’t care about making peace Margaret… until she walked back her previous comments.

"Unless she apologizes, she can go f— herself," said Giudice.

"I know I’m on this trip with Margaret, but I can’t even stand the sight of her. She’s full of s— and I’ve had enough of her s—.

Teresa even added via confessional that she thinks Margaret leaked stories about Ruelas to the press.

"What a coinkadink. Every time something came out about Luis on social media, Margaret was running her mouth," Giudice said.

"Probably not her alone, she probably does have some help, but I feel it in my gut she’s running her mouth to the blogs and that’s how this stuff is getting out."

Josephs, naturally, learned what Teresa said… and was far from pleased about it.

Photo via BRAVO

"Like I would even know this s— about him," said Margaret to her husband, "I don’t have time to go on blogs. She’s so f—ing nuts. Now I’m pissed off."

Cut to the group heading to a bar in Tennessee, and Giudice blasting her co-star for allegedly telling the world about Luis and his ex.

"How would I have information about Luis and his wife?" Josephs asked, prompting Teresa to fire back:

"Because you’re talking to people in his past. I’m sure you inserted yourself! Maybe someone from his past contacted you. You know everybody! Margaret knows everybody!"

Photo via Bravo

Margaret then trashed Teresa as "a sick, disgusting liar."

And, at that?

Giudice hurled everything in front of her on the table — food, drinks, etc. — straight at Josephs.

"You f—ing bitch," she screamed at a wine-covered Margaret … who called Teresa "disgusting" in return.

Photo via BRAVO

"Luckily, you’re still not on parole," Josephs yelled as security pulled Teresa away from the table.

"F— you, you f—ing whore. Disgusting white trash, bitch!" Teresa shot back across the packed bar.

"You better stay the f— out of my face. You better get that f—ing bitch out of my face.

"Get that bitch, white trash bitch out of my face!"

Teresa Giudice, Margaret Josephs Scream Insults: You Look Like S--T!

Margaret later told the other women that what Giudice "just did is disgraceful," saying she’s "a disgusting beast."

But Teresa wasn’t done, running back upstairs and continuing to go off on her riival.

"She f—ed with the wrong girl, f— her," yelled Teresa, calling Margaret "vile," before Joe and Luis pulled her back again.

With that, Teresa, Luis and the Gorgas went back to their rental for the trip — where a still heated Teresa continued to shout to anyone listening about Margaret, before deciding she and Luis should head to a hotel.

Teresa and Louie

"I hope this is the real deal," Margaret told the other women after, saying she still wished Teresa and Luis the best.

"If everything was great, she wouldn’t act this way.

"Normal people hold their composure."