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These days, it seems like Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are taking turns embarrassing each other on social media.

First, fans were stunned to catch Jeremy naked on Audrey’s video. Whoops!

Now, it’s the other Little People, Big World alum’s turn to exact revenge.

Perhaps that is why Jeremy shared — and quickly deleted — an embarrassing photo of Auj.

Jeremy Roloff and His Wife, Audrey
Photo via Instagram

Right now, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are on a trip to Hawaii.

Their three kids are along.

Audrey got the chance to bring her family on this trip after hitting a milestone at her controversial essential oils gig.

On Wednesday, Jeremy shared a blink-and-miss-it clip of Audrey.

She was sitting outside on the patio at their vacation spot.

Audrey was dressed down, as if she’d just gotten up, and her hair is as wild and unkempt as many of us with curly red hair are before showering and styling.

Audrey Roloff Holds Radley
Photo via Instagram

Auj isn’t wearing makeup in the glimpse. She’s just casually eating.

This is a very normal way for someone to look, at home or on vacation.

But it’s a far cry from how Audrey usually looks when she allows the public to see her.

Audrey Roloff Birth Story Pic

Jeremy’s post is no longer there, of course.

It was an Instagram Story. It was also, well, a little potentially embarrassing for Audrey.

You don’t have to be a former reality star or a quasi-influencer to not want the whole internet to see you when you’re super comfy.

Audrey Roloff and Kids, Out and About
Photo via Instagram

“Uh oh did Jeremy have to sneak this past Auj?” one Reddit user quipped as people discussed the quick look.

“A glimpse into their real life, I like it though!” the redditor added.

Others marveled at Jer posting an "unflattering" look at his wife, since usually the two post only hyper-manicured content.

Photo via Instagram

One commenter remarked: “This is hilarious!”

“Holy cow," stated another, "he is gonna be in so much trouble for this one!!!”

A third observed: “He deleted quickly. I laughed because he hadn’t posted anything in weeks. And this was his come back.”

Photo via Instagram

According to Audrey, she won the trip to Hawaii by "achieving a certain rank."

Her essential oils gig, which has been put on blast as a scam and as an alleged pyramid scheme, is apparently happy with her work.

It sounds like despite Jacob Roloff’s warnings about his sister-in-law’s posting habits, some of her followers are still buying in to her business.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff on Anniversary

Maybe Jeremy shared a raw look at his beautiful wife because it makes no difference to him.

It’s also possible that he was pranking her a little bit.

Either way, while Audrey should always be in charge of how she appears to the world, it doesn’t sound malicious.

Some Roloffs in Hawaii
Photo via Instagram

Many influencers do not choose to show their "real" lives to fans and followers, because their image is part of their brand.

There is a real connection between how someone is perceived — their looks, their lifestyle, and more — on social media and how well they can monetize their fame.

We hope that the Roloff family is having a lovely time on their vacation!