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Yet another member of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise has run afoul of the law following a shocking act of violence.

Just six weeks after 16 and Pregnant star Josh Rendon was arrested for the attempted murder of a police officer, another minor figure from the show’s long, messy history is being charged with an act of violence that nearly resulted in the loss of life.

Multiple outlets have now confirmed that Teen Mom Young & Pregnant star Drew Brooks has also been arrested for attempted murder.

Brooks is best known to fans of the franchise as the father of Rachel Beaver’s baby.

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According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Brooks is currently behind bars in Monroe County, Tennessee.

The 22-year-old was arrested on Wednesday after he stabbed another man “in the lower left stomach area."

The victim was seriously injured and was airlifted to a nearby hospital, but is expected to survive.

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According to a local source who spoke with The Ashley, Drew and the victim were friends who had been hanging out together the night before.

The insider says that the situation began to get tense after Drew was asked to go "pick up something for the victim and his wife."

We’re sure the unnamed "something" was a perfectly wholesome item — prayer pamphlets, or fresh baguettes, perhaps.

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Anyway, once Drew returned from his mission, he and the unnamed victim got into an altercation.

According to the insider, the victim accused Drew of ripping him off, and the situation escalated rapidly from there.

“Drew left his phone and wallet at the [victim’s] house, and when he returned to get it the next day, [the victim] accused Drew of shorting him and wouldn’t give Drew back his stuff until he gave him more money, which Drew didn’t have,” the source said.

"That’s when they started to fight.”

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Needless to say, "fight" is a very mild word for what transpired next.

At some point, Drew took out a knife and stabbed the victim in the stomach.

The wound was serious enough that 911 was called, and a helicopter was used to transport the victim to the hospital.

And folks in rural Tennessee probably don’t employ such measures unless the situation is rather dire.

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Drew turned himself in to the authorities and he’s currently being held without bail until his April 18 court date.

Brooks, who shares daughter Hazelee with Rachel, has made several appearances on Young & Pregnant — and he’s not exactly a fan favorite.

Not surprisingly, this is not the young father’s first brush with the law.

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In April of 2020, he was arrested after being found in a car with alcohol, marijuana, and multiple minors (apparently, his partying pals were folks fust under the age of 18).

Brooks gave a false name when he was arrested, and he was later convicted on all charges, including criminal impersonation.

He was released from jail a few months later, in July of 2020 — but it sounds like he won’t get off quite so easy this time around.

We’ll have further updates on this story as more information becomes available.