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Back in February, fans were thrilled by the news that Chelsea Houska had landed her own HGTV show.

Chelsea had hinted that she had something big in the works when she retired from Teen Mom 2, but let’s face it — former reality stars often claim that they have bigger and better things on the horizon, and those projects rarely come to fruition.

But Houska has now added her name to the short list of stars who left popular reality shows and launched successful mainstream media careers.

Chelsea’s new show is currently filming, and she recently told fans that she’s excited about the new venture… but a little nervous about having her home filled with cameras again.

Chelsea and Cole's New Show

And home is what this new project is all about.

The series, entitled Farmhouse Fabulous, will showcase Chelsea’s talent for interior design and Cole’s skills as a handyman.

It’s a passion project for both stars, who spent much of the past two years pouring their heart and soul into building their dream home.

Chelsea and Cole on HGTV

We suppose that’s why fans are so confused by recent reports that Chelsea and Cole have sold their home.

Not only that, the couple reportedly parted with the property for considerably less than the listing price.

So what exactly is going on here?

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer

Well, fear not — Chelsea and Cole have not fallen on hard times.

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, the DeBoers sold their old home back in July for $555,000.

The property was listed in June of last year for $600,000.

The reason the sale is just being reported now is that Cole and Chelsea made no mention of it at the time, and the real estate records just became public this week.

It’s a little strange that the DeBoers weren’t able to fetch their asking price, as it’s been a seller’s market for the past couple of years now.

But the good news is that Chelsea and Cole still managed to turn a tidy profit on the place.

Chelsea and Cole at a Concert

They bought the 3,466 square-foot six bedroom home for $435,000 in June of 2018.

At the time, Chelsea was pregnant with daughter Layne, and she and Cole were clearly overjoyed at having closed on the property.

Fans might recall the scene in which Houska expressed her glee at living in the middle of nowhere.

Chelsea With Family

“I know it’s not for everyone, the whole no people thing, it’s for us. How don’t you find this peaceful?" she asked.

"I don’t understand how people wouldn’t want to live wide open.”

So yeah, Chelsea and Cole won’t be pulling up stakes anytime soon.

Chelsea Houska Turns 30

They still live in their massive dream home in rural South Dakota, and they’ll be helping other families fulfill their farmhouse dreams on their new show, which is set to debut in early 2023.

We know that probably seems far away for viewers who are missing Chelsea’s presence on the current season of Teen Mom 2.

But as the agrarian folks who live in America’s breadbasket are well aware — it takes time and patience to produce anything worthwhile!