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Ask any long-time supporter of Britney Spears’ (now successful) quest for freedom, and they’ll name her enemies.

Her father, Jamie Spears. Lou Taylor. Jamie Lynn Spears.

But as Britney has been reminding her fans and followers, her mother Lynne Spears shares plenty of blame.

Now, Lynne wants Britney to pay her legal fees … but Britney says that enough is enough.

Lynne Spears

Lynne Spears wants her famous daughter to pay for more than $660,000 in legal fees.

She didn’t just want it. She requested the money from Britney’s estate in November.

On Tuesday, Britney’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, filed legal documents indicating that Britney has no desire to do so.

In the filing, Rosengart argues that “there is no legal authority supporting the petition” filed by Britney’s mom.

“Britney Spears has for decades been her family’s sole breadwinner," he noted, "supporting her entire family."

At some point, the rest of the Spears family needs to stop trying to wring Britney dry.

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Rosengart of course brought up that Lynne is already reaping the benefits of being Britney’s mom.

"For at least a decade," he wrote, Lynne has "resided in a large, expansive house owned by Britney Spears in Kentwood, Louisiana."

This is a house "for which her daughter has also continuously — and generously — paid Lynne Spears’ utilities."

Rosengart listed Britney as having paid for Lynne’s "telephone services, insurance, property taxes, landscaping, pool work, pest control, repairs, and maintenance."

All of this, he reported in his filing, ends up "totaling approximately $1.7 million."

That sounds extremely generous, especially for someone who has been wronged as Britney has been wronged.

Rosengart emphasized that there is "no legal basis for placing" his client "in the middle" of Lynne’s financial commitments.

Lynne was a third party in Britney’s conservatorship battle.

Her legal team apparently feels entitled to compensation from Britney for working (on Lynne’s behalf) to end Britney’s conservatorship.

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Rosengart of course noted that Britney’s father, Jamie, has pocketed a tremendous amount of money from Britney’s fortune.

He reported that "more than $6 million" from Britney’s estate went to Jamie when he was her conservatorship.

Rosengart added that Jamie also profited "handsomely" from Britney’s "very hard work" as a legendary singer and performer.

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Lynne did speak out in concern, in court and in more public venues such as social media, about Britney’s conservatorship during its final years.

Following Britney’s involuntary confinement to a mental "wellness" facility in 2019, Lynne wrote on Instagram how she shared the concerns of several fans.

She seemed to take an interest in Britney’s rights and freedoms — or lack thereof — increasingly as the conservatorship began to wane.

But that does not change the past, either of the conservatorship or Lynne’s role in any of it.

Britney knows better than any of us how her mother has factored into things, and has called her out repeatedly and publicly.

Britney’s opinion is what matters.

Britney in Vegas

As for Lynne working against the conservatorship, that sounds … very nice of her.

But — without being legal scholars — we have to wonder what grounds she intends to use to claim this six-figure sum from Britney’s estate.

Doing something nice for someone is one thing. Without a prior agreement, what obligation does Britney have to pay to cover the expenses of it?