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Late last summer, as things looked worse than ever for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, she totally transformed her look.

Tori fashioned herself into a Khloe Kardashian twin, eliciting mixed reactions from fans.

Glowups are not uncommon among people going through divorces (even if things may be on the mend).

But though she acknowledges that it looks like she’s had a nose job, Tori insists that she did not get plastic surgery. Well, not that surgery.

Tori Spelling with the Gold Flakes

We don’t know that Tori had any particular person in mind when she donned a new look last year.

But her latest styling choices do look familiar.

Some say that she looks like Khloe. Others say that she looks like Fergie.

Tori Spelling in 2021

Tori has spoken frankly about certain cosmetic procedures, such as her breast implants.

Though she has not spoken about getting a rhinoplasty, nose job rumors have been circulating since last summer.

After all, Tori just looks radically different these days.

Photo via Instagram

However, Tori spoke on Jeff Lewis Live to explain why she looks so different.

“First of all, I have an amazing makeup artist now,” she praised.

“Her name is Hailey Hoff, and with contour, she does makeup like no one else …" Tori gushed.

Tori Spelling Flaunts Total Makeover

Tori admitted: "I look completely different."

She even freely acknowledged that "I look like I’ve had a nose job."

Tori pointed out: "Like, it’s straight now.”

Tori Spelling's Halloween Selfie

Tori defended her epic transformation while shooting down surgery rumors.

She insisted that the change to the shape of her nose was an optical illusion and "all contouring."

48-year-old Tori even attributed her youthful looks to her genetics.

Photo via Instagram

“It may be the exosomes, too, because they said my skin looks flawless," Tori said about surgery speculation.

"So maybe," she suggested, "I’m looking younger."

“They said I looked Snooki’s age. She’s 33. I’m like, I’ll take that …" Tori stated.

Tori Spelling with Snooki

"It’s exosomes, I’m telling you," Tori insisted.

She praised: "It is the fountain of youth.”

Exomes refer to part of DNA, in a very broad sense. 

Tori Spelling with Four Kids at Lake Arrowhead

Tori’s glow up — coutoured or otherwise — came in the aftermath of months of marital troubles.

Tori and Dean were both seen repeatedly and consistently in public without their wedding bands.

On its own, that would just be jewelry, but there was more going on.

Tori Spelling Bathes With Her Sons

Tori herself admitted last year that they were no longer sharing a bed.

Additionally, numerous reports said that the two were essentially over, with the pair spotted arguing in parking lots and Tori seen visiting an attorney.

The only thing said to be keeping them from officially divorcing was that they didn’t have the budget for the expense of separating and divorcing.

Photo via Instagram

Maybe Tori’s glow-up was to help her self esteem. Even thinking about dating after a lengthy marriage and having five kids can be overwhelming.

It’s also possible that there was a revenge element to it, but then again, people don’t need a motive to try to look their best.

Interestingly, Dean recently signaled that things are better, praising Tori on International Women’s Day. Did that contoured nose reignite the passion in their marriage?