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The Love Is Blind Season 2 finale featured a couple of weddings and a whole lot of heartbreak.

But it seems that the drama is not quite finished.

The show will return to Netflix for a reunion episode on March 4, and while we’ll have to wait until then to find out what happened when the cast reconvened, we can already say that some serious conflict unfolded during taping.

The beef spilled over onto Instagram this week in what seems to be a preview of things to come.

Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast

Several couples were at odds with one another by the time the season came to a close, but it seems that this feud is not between two former lovers.

Rather, it’s between two male cast members who seemed to have little to do with one another on camera.

In fact, Kyle Abrams wasn’t on the show at all during the final few episodes, his engagement to Shaina Hurley having come to an end long before the wedding planning stage.

Photo via Netflix

But for some reason, it seems that there’s bad blood between Kyle and Shake Chatterjee.

Shake, of course, got dumped at the altar by Deepti Vempati after spending all season telling everyone on the planet that he wasn’t attracted to her.

Deepti’s brother slammed Shake in an open letter posted to Instagram, and pretty much who commented agreed that dude had it coming.

But why does Kyle have a problem with Shake? Well, that remains a mystery …

On the official Love Is Blind Instagram page, a post promoting the upcoming reunion became a surprise battleground for Abrams and Chatterjee.

"Just me enjoying the train wreck," Kyle commented on the post on Monday.

Photo via Instagram

"Translation: you’re a little bihh," Shake replied.

Now, we don’t have much more information than that, but a little later, Chatterjee added to the mystery:

"Imma warn you," he wrote, "I KEEPS IT REAL AT THIS REUNION." 

Kyle and Shake

It’s not common, but we’ve witnessed this phenomenon before:

On shows like 90 Day Fiance where the couples have little interaction with one another during the season, weird beefs that started on social media will bubble over on the reunion show.

We don’t know exactly why Kyle and Shake are feuding, but if we had to guess, we’d say it had something to do with Shake’s behavior throughout the season.

Photo via Netflix

Chatterjee came off as a jerk throughout much of the season, and he capped things off by coming off as quite a tool during the finale.

After Deepti chose herself and stepped away from Shake’s toxicity, he told the assembled guests that he would have dumped Deepti if she hadn’t dumped him first.

He may have thought he was just making light of the situation, but he didn’t come off well.

Deepti and Shake

In fact, many were left with the impression that Chatterjee didn’t care for Vempati from the start and had spent the season toying with her emotions for no reason.

There’s no denying that Shake wound up playing the role of a villain this season, but is Kyle reallyin a position to judge?

After all this guy almost married Shaina — he’s clearly not the greatest judge of character!