Meri Brown: I Surrender to God! And I'm Ready to Move Forward!

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Meri Brown is relaxed, rested... and apparently turning to religion at the moment.

The veteran Sister Wives star took off on a solo road trip a few weeks ago, getting away from her troubled marriage in order to listen to audio books and "think about life," as Meri herself described it.

It sounds like she only just got back, too.

And it also sounds like the vacation provided this TLC personality with a great deal of perspective.

Meri Brown Without Kody

In an Instagram post this week, Brown uploaded a series of photos from her time away... including her beachside, sitting near a fire pit and hiking with her loved ones.

"Days by the beach, nights by the fire, all of it surrounded by people I love!" Meri began in her caption.

"The time I spent on the Oregon coast last weekend was fulfilling, relaxing, invigorating, rejuvenating, all the things my body and soul needed."

The 52-year didn't mention Kody at all, but TLC viewers who watched Season 16 witnessed just how stressful Meri's marriage to the father of 18 has become of late.

Meri Brown and Loved Ones

The spouses haven't even slept together in 10 years. They're just friends at this point.

Continued Meri in her message:

"It's interesting and revealing on days and weekends like these, what your heart and mind can let go of, and at the same time, what can fill you up, and the inspiration you can have for your future.

"Coming home with a mind a little more clear, a heart a little more at peace, excitement about my plans and dreams ahead of me, and ready for the doors that I'm positive will open up for me."

Meri Brown Selfie Time

Brown didn't delve into any details behind these dreams.

But she's continually insisted that she's doingg fine... that doesn't need a man to be happy... and that she isn't pathetic for standing by Kody.

"I'm learning that as I surrender my hopes and dreams to God and the universe, and as I move forward with intention, doing the work that needs to be done, that the doors will continue to open," Meri also wrote.

"I expect nothing less, and nothing but the best."

Meri Brown Selfie Alert

Despite everything has said to the contrary, Meri also still has some expectation that things will improve between her and Kody.

We have no idea why, really.

"It just kind of came down to that we're friends, which I guess is a good thing. It's a good thing," Meri said on an episode of the TLC series.

"But I don't know, I guess I just kind of have hope for more than that."

Meri Brown Looks Lovely

She isn't going anywhere, either.

"If I quit and I walk away, then it's not going to get better," Meri concluded on this topic at one point, stating on air:

"I'm not going anywhere, y'all. You're stuck with me, whether you like it or not." 

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