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There was a time, not all that long ago, when Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer were the best of friends.

Now, it appears that those days are well and truly over.

Leah and Kail appear to be embroiled in some sort of feud that stems from Lowry’s longstanding beef with Briana DeJesus.

The trouble, it seems, began when Leah and Bri appeared together on the recent spinoff series Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Kail and Leah Selfie

Fans noticed that Kail unfollowed Leah shortly after the show premiered.

Our questions about the former besties’ falling out didn’t go unanswered for long, as an insider explained the situation to UK tabloid The Sun.

"Kail unfollowing Leah comes down to Briana," the source said.

Photo via MTV

"Once Briana and Leah were on the Teen Mom: Family Reunion and Leah wasn’t mean to Briana, that didn’t sit well with Kail."

The insider notes that Leah did make one gesture of loyalty to Kail, but apparently Lowry felt that it wasn’t enough.

"It should be noted that Leah did walk away when Kail was brought up and made Briana aware she didn’t want to discuss Kail as she’s friends with her but Leah was still nice to Briana," says the source.

Kailyn and Leah in Hawaii

Apparently, the situation deteriorated even further in the months since filming wrapped.

"After the Family Reunion trip, Leah and Briana have stayed friendly and Briana frequently comments on Leah’s pics," says the source.

"While Kail used to comment all the time on Leah’s pics, that seemed to stop once Briana began commenting and, as we’ve all seen, Kail now unfollowed Leah."

Kailyn and Leah

The former friends have not explicitly lashed out at one another, but Kail’s followers suspect that she threw some subtle shade this week with a cryptic Instagram post.

"Narcissists never want to discuss what they did, they only want to discuss your reaction to what they did," reads the post.

"They are experts at turning everything around and making it your fault." 

Kailyn and Leah, BFF

Lowry attributed the quote to Maria Conisglioon, and many believe that Leah is the narcissist to whom she’s referring.

They’re theorizing that Kail’s comments are a response to Leah’s recent remarks about being done with the past and refusing to allow herself to be taken advantage of.

Messer wrote that the "past is dead to me" in her Instagram Stories, which many are interpreting as a shot at Kail.

Kail and Leah Close Up

"Always grateful for the lessons I’ve learned along the way," Messer added.

Those words come on the heels of a TikTok video in which Leah warned against mistaking her kindness for weakness.

Is she talking about Kail?

That’s unclear, but it seems obvious that these two are not on the best of terms.

Kail seemed to confirm this during a recent Q&A session with fans.

While Lowry didn’t mention the Leah situation directly, she stated that she recently "unfollowed everyone" because she doesn’t "trust anyone."

Kail and Leah

"Kail unfollows people she ‘doesn’t trust,’" one follower summarized.

Kail notably did not correct the commenter.

It wasn’t lost on anyone that the conversation took place just days after Lowry unfollowed Messer.

Kailyn Lowry in 2022

Perhaps these two will find a way to bury the hatchet someday.

But for now, it appears that they’re very much at odds.