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In October, 90 Day Fiance fans were overjoyed to hear that Jorge Nava was expected Baby #2.

He and his girlfriend, Rhoda Blua, have now welcomed their second child.

This week, Rhoda gave birth to a baby with a surprising, familiar name.

Jorge took the time to let fans know the happy news.

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On Thursday, March 24, Jorge Nava took to Instagram to share a precious photo.

Viewers could see him, girlfriend Rhoda, and their newborn son.

Alongside a blue heart emoji, his caption simply shared the date of birth: March 22, 2022.

Jorge alsos poke to Us Weekly, announcing the birth and sharing details.

He showered Rhoda with "thanks and appreciation" following the birth of their second child.

His son, he revealed, has been named George.

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“[She gave] me the most amazing children," Jorge gushed.

"And," he continued, Rhoda "[is] so loving and compassionate."

“I love every inch of her," Jorge praised, "and I can’t wait to raise our family together.”

Jorge detailed that George was born on Tuesday at 4 P.M.

He weighed seven pounds and 13 ounces — considered within the average weight range for newborns.

His birth came five months after the public pregnancy announcement.

Photo via Instagram

“Never did I imagine my dreams becoming a reality so fast,” Jorge gushed in October of 2021.

“Rhoda, you and Zara are my world," he expressed at the time.

Jorge affirmed: "I love you more than you’ll ever imagine.”

Jorge shared a similar happy announcement back in April of 2021.

That actually means that they had a remarkably short period of "down time" between Zara’s birth and George’s conception.

We of course hope that Rhoda has a safe recovery from childbirth. Giving birth twice in less than a year can take its toll.

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We actually only have a little information about Rhoda and Jorge’s romance.

Jorge has been very selectively transparent about some parts of his life, while playing other things close to the vest.

As much as we might selfishly want to hear everything, that’s a really smart decision.

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We know that Jorge met Rhoda some months after his release from prison in May of 2020.

By that point, his marriage to Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava was truly over in all but name.

When he began posting photos of himself with the then-unidentified Rhoda, fans were happy to see that he had moved on.

Jorge learned the hard way that people will make countless assumptions no matter how much or how little is revealed.

He knew how easily viewers might pick apart his new lady love or his relationship, and how that could drive a wedge in any couple.

After all, he’d experienced that firsthand as a reality star. He had also seen other relationships falter and fail.

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With Rhoda, Jorge knows that he has a future. In addition to a lot of love, they now share two beautiful children.

We’re sure that they will both have their hands full for many years to come.

That said, maybe Jorge will pop by for another chat with Shaun Robinson to give viewers a welcome update. When there’s time, of course.