Christine Brown Mocks Kody Brown, Polygamy in Funny New Video

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Christine Brown just made it clear:

She hasn't just moved on from her spiritual husband.

She's also moved on from the religion and the lifestyle she used to share with her spiritual husband.

The long-time Sister Wives star announced in early November that she was walking away from her marriage after over two decades as Kody Brown's partner, taking fans very far aback at the time.

christine brown and also kody brown

But then these same fans tuned in for Season 16 of the TLC reality show and witnessed all the ways in which Christine and Kody's marriage crumbled over the past several months.

By the end of their time together, Kody and Christine had stopped sleeping together and Christine said she wasn't about to remain in an intimacy-free relationship.

Good for her, right?

The mother of six proceeded to move back to her native state of Utah, and has since said on many occasions that she's so VERY happy to have done so.

Christine Brown: A Photo

Cut to Wednesday, March 23.

In a video shared to her Instagram Stories page, Brown showed off her blonde hair... tied off into tight French braids on either side of her head.

She then hurled some unexpected shade at her former belief system, asking on camera:

“Why is it some people can pull off the double French braid, but some can’t? Obviously, I can’t really as well as my daughters. My daughters can pull off this so cute, but me?"

Christine Brown Up Close

Added Christine:

"I just look like a polygamist. How ironic!”

I just look like a polygamist.

Not exactly an endorsement of polygamy, is it?

Christine Brown in 2022

During her time on stage at the Sister Wives tell-all special in February, Christine talked openly about no longer being a part of the same church as her ex-spouse and ex-sister wives.

"Kody and I are divorced. We're completely separate," Christine told host Sukanya Krishnan, despite Kody having said he won't permit Christine to technically go through this spiritual process.

The Browns are members of the Apostolic United Brethren, which is a Mormon group that practices polygamy.

"In our church, polygamous women can leave. They're not trapped. They can leave if they want to leave and if it's not working," Christine continued on stage.

Christine Brown on Set

This is when she honed in on her ongoing religious stance:

They have to go through proper channels and stuff, but then they can get a release. I haven't been a member of that church for a long time and I left a long time ago.

So there you have it.

"I just think that God's fine if I just want to be happy," Brown emphasized.

Christine Brown is Now Single

At one point on part two of this same Sister Wives special, Christine said she felt like a "basement wife" last year, like someone who didn't matter at all.

"I chose to just let it happen and I chose to be weaker. I just did," she explained on air at the time.

"Every single day of my life, I wake up and I have a choice to make if I'm in a situation like that.

"And in the end, I would love to just be strong and be like, 'No, no, no, no,' and just cause more contention. ... Or, I can just go, 'Okay, okay. That's fine, that's fine, that's fine,' and make it easier.

"But then, in the end, I lose myself. The cost is me."

Christine and Kody Brown Talk

Thankfully, Christine has now found herself.

And Kody seems okay with that, even if he comes across like a jerk while confessing as much.

"She's free from that yolk of bondage, if you will," Kody said on the reunion, seemingly admitting that polygamy is awful for any woman who practices it.

Which is true.

But at least Christine Brown has at least realized this.

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