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It may be a very long time until we see the face of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s baby boy, Wolf Webster.

About three weeks after he came into the world, however, we do now know something new and pretty interesting about the precious newborn:

His middle name.

According to a copy of Wolf’s birth certificate obtained by TMZ, the couple has selected the middle name of Jacques for second-born.

Travis and Kylie at 2019 Grammys
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For those interested, this same documents also states that Wolf was delivered by the same doctor who delivered Stormi — Scott and Jenner’s four-year-old daughter — and cousin True Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s daughter with Tristan Thompson.

As for why Jenner and Scott went with Jacques?

This is actually the artist’s first name.

It’s true! Travis Scott was born Jacques Webster.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Grammys Pic
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Jenner and Scott welcomed their second child on February 2, doing so by simply dropping a photo of the little one’s arm and hand, along with a caption that stated his birthday.

It took the stars a few days to then confirm his name was Wolf, although neither Travis nor Kylie came right out and did so themselves.

The twosome has become known for its privacy, both when it comes to themselves as individuals and even more so when it comes to their children.

If you’ll recall, Kylie didn’t even say anything about her first pregnancy until after she gave birth to her daughter.

Kylie Jenner and Travis and Stormi

She hasn’t said anything about young Wolf, either, although an insider spoke on her behalf this month to E! News.

The new mother of two is "doing great" and "very happy her baby is healthy," according to this outlet, which added at the time:

"She’s soaking in all of the first moments with him and is really happy he’s here."

The source also said that Stormi is doing great in her new role as an older sibling.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner in Black/White

As for Kylie and Travis themselves?

The celebrities  have quickly adjusted to their new schedules of becoming parents of two young kids, says this same source:

"They had their routine down with Stormi, so they are now having to get back into the swing of things, like having to be up at all hours of the night and accommodating two kids at the same time."

Millions of two-time parents around the globe are currently nodding along in agreement.

Travis with Kylie
Photo via Instagram

Finally, People Magazine has also offered some insight into this newly-expanded immediate family.

"Kylie has help, but is also very hands-on," someone recently told this publication.

"Kylie and Travis are happy together.

"He is working on new music, but is also around a lot."