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On the infamous latest episode of 90 Day FIance: Before The 90 Days, let’s just say Kimberly and Usman had a rough time.

Platonic sleepovers are nice. Sex is nicer.

Kimberly was tired of waiting for his yam.

Driven by her lust for yammy-yammy, she pushed too hard, and it nearly cost them both a chance at the relationship.

Kimberly Menzies still wants to smash

Kimberly knows that she embarrassed herself by begging for sex, and she’s admitting as much to fans.

Being thirsty is not a crime, and neither is humuliating yourself.

But after the extended, repeated, and often painful to watch moments between Kimberly Menzies and Usman Umar, some viewers had had enough.

They took to social media to let an already embarrassed Kimberly know what they thought of her not-so-quiet desperation.

"So, I am aware that last night’s episode put me into a very negative light," Kimberly wrote on her Instagram Story.

"I have no excuses," she admitted, "and just have to take the negativity."

Kimberly expressed: "Let me just say that I am embarrassed and leave it at that."

"Attacking me in my DMs and comments is cool. Whatever," Kimbrely noted.

For the record, attacking or harassing someone for a painful but harmless on-screen moment is not "cool."

"But attacking my body weight isn’t cool," Kimberly affirmed. "No one should fat shame or bully anyone."

Usman Umar gets a better look at Kimberly Menzies in her nightgown

Body-shaming is vicious and has no purpose in existing.

One could almost understand this vile act if this were decades ago, when body-shaming was so common that it took place regularly during news broadcasts.

Now, however? These trolls truly have no excuse for attacking a woman over her looks or her body.

People can have a laugh about the depths to which she went over her thirst.

Kimberly had traveled a long way and invested a lot of time into seeing Usman and being with him.

Platonic slumber parties with barrier pillows in place aren’t what she had in mind, and it wasn’t wrong of her to express her desires.

Usman Umar - I know what Kimberly want from me

Repeating those desires, however, clearly drove Usman away.

He already knew that she wanted him — from her past statements and from an abundance of obvious signs.

Usman had chosen to not sleep with her yet, claiming that he felt that it was too early in their relationship, such as it is.

Usman clearly appreciates the benefits of Kim’s desire for him, and is seemingly content to string her along.

He gets expensive gifts, some hand-holding, and she even helped get his music video done more efficiently.

Most importantly, of course, he gets screen time on American reality TV, part of his obvious quest to grow his brand as a rapper.

Usman Umar explains - we already propose before [Lisa] even arrive

Of course, viewers remember seeing Usman hook up with Lisa Hamme, his disgraced ex-wife, immediately upon her arrival in Nigeria.

His explanation for that is that they were already engaged before she arrived, so he didn’t see the point in waiting.

Usman seems to be playing a lot of games, including one with Kimberly’s emotions.

Usman Umar leaves, says

People make a lot of mistakes when they’re horny and hurt, and Kimberly’s antics are a great example of that.

Despite the conflict that arose, eventually, she and Usman went to bed together … with no plans for sex.

Will Usman really make Kimberly go the whole trip without yammy-yammy? If so, that could — and should — be a dealbreaker.