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Not even the cancelation of Don’t Be Tardy can keep Kim Zolciak down.

She loves to champion her daughters, and that sometimes means defending them.

Recently, Kim saw an alarming number of comments accusing Brielle and Ariana of having totally redone their looks with cosmetic surgery.

Kim is clapping back, and reminding people that her girls see these comments, too.

Brielle Biermann, Ariana Biermann, and Kim Zolciak in April 2021

"Wow I can’t even post a picture of my beautiful baby girls @briellebiermann @arianabiermann," Kim Zolciak began on Instagram.

She lamented that she seemingly cannot do so "without the nasty comments and assumptions!!"

"Let’s be clear here … my daughters read your stupid ass comments," Kim scolded trolls.

"And quite frankly," Kim noted, "I am appalled."

She expressed her horror "at the fact that some of you are flat out computer bullies."

Kim speculated that trolls are people "that are bored to tears and have nothing better to do then to take time out of YOUR day to write something negative!"

Ariana Biermann and Kim Zolciak on the Beach

"Can you imagine if you did something positive instead?!!" Kim suggested.

"My daughters have NEVER EVER had work done," she emphasized.

Kim continued: "other than their lips! PERIOD!!!!!!"

Brielle Biermann and Ariana Biermann, Brunette Sisters

"Ariana has worked her ass off to get healthy and fit," Kim praised.

"And," she added, "Brielle is only a few months out of major jaw surgery (jaw broken in 5 places) and couldn’t chew food for months."

Kim is referring to Brielle’s TMJ surgery, which does have a lengthy recovery.

Brielle Biermann, Kim Zolciak, and Ariana Biermann Look Alike

"So clearly Brielle lost weight during the process!!!!" Kim pointed out.

"Nobody had liposuction," she continued, pointing out that "that’s obsurd!!"

"I know it’s hard to believe they are that beautiful without any work done," Kim admitted.

Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak Are No Longer Twins!

"But," Kim continued, "can you believe they are even more beautiful on the inside!!"

"TRUST THAT!" she instructed.

"So next time you want to write a nasty rude comment … take a deep breath," Kim instructed.

Brielle Biermann, Ariana Biermann, and Kim Zolciak: Three for One

"And," Kim suggested, "remember what you give out in this world you get back double!"

"It’s simply a boomerang effect," she expressed.

"Sending love and light to you all!" Kim concluded, shading: "It’s obvious some of you really need it."

It is human nature to have thoughts that are not necessarily kind, polite, or charitable.

You see someone and you notice that they look different.

But having a thought, speaking a thought, and expressing that thought in a public venue where the subject will read it … are not the same thing.

Brielle Biermann Thirst Traps the Entire Beach

One of the pitfalls of social media (and the internet in general) is that there is a disconnect.

So many of our social safeguards — both learned and instinctual — are based upon face-to-face conversation.

A person can intellectually understand that there’s someone on the other end of their message but not stop to think about it like they would in person.

Kim Zolciak Snaps a Lip Filler Selfie

The result? The internet is filled with ceaseless, relentless cruelty that would never happen in person.

Don’t get us wrong, because social media brings unique opportunities and wonderful friendships that might never have happened in meatspace.

But the things that people will say, from body-shaming to death wishes to slurs, are inhumanly vile when compared to how people filter themselves on the outernet.

Kim Zolciak and Ariana Biermann

Kim is also right about how many people are looking to bully others to feel powerful and fulfilled, because their lives are empty and sad.

We hope that Brielle and Ariana, who are outrageously gorgeous young women, are able to insulate themselves from the vitriol.

It’s sweet of Kim to speak up for them.