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There is a long and ugly history to Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez’s toxic relationship.

The two are exes, but also co-parents to their two children. Unfortunately, their situation is far from amicable.

Creed’s most recent visit to his father’s house led to another of Chris’ infamous DIY haircuts.

Kailyn says that Chris is lying about inviting her to witness the disaster, and admits that Creed is traumatized by it all.

At first, Kailyn Lowry didn’t say anything beyond sharing photos of her freshly shorn youngest son.

Creed’s hair had been beautiful when she handed him over for time with Chris.

He returned to her almost unrecognizably shorn. Kail didn’t say much, but fans sure did.

“I just know it was time for a cut…it wasn’t to be spiteful or nothing," Chris insisted when fans called him out.

"It was just something like, ‘I’m being a dad at this point,’" he claimed. "Regardless of how people feel, it was time for a cut.”

Chris is infamously resentful of Lux’s long hair, and has chosen to be a total weirdo about Creed’s hair, too.

Kailyn Lowry, Chris Lopez header zoom (Lux party)

Kailyn opened up on her own podcast, speculating that Chris sheared Creed as a twisted power move to get a reaction from her.

“Everyone is waiting for me to talk about the baby’s haircut,” Kail admitted.

“I think my son is traumatized [from the haircut], to be honest…” she admitted.

Chris Lopez Insta Pic
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Chris had claimed that Kailyn opted out of the haircut.

Kail said that his version of events "is complete bulls–t" and that she did not know what was going to happen.

“This is not something that I would have wanted," Kailyn said. "I bought products for curly hair over the weekend."

Kailyn and 2 Sons

"I did not say yes [to the haircut]," Kailyn emphasized. "I did not consent to it but he would have done it anyway."

“I do think it was solely to get a reaction out of me," she speculated.

Kailyn reminded her listeners and herself: "I don’t want to give it the public reaction that he wants…”

According to Kailyn, Chris told her that he had made plans to get Creed’s first haircut — but refused to tell her where or when.

“You tell me at 8:30 in the morning on Sunday and won’t give me a time or place to meet you," she complained.

"And," Kail continued, "you email me to say you’ll send me a video [of the haircut]."

Kailyn and Creed

“Um, that’s not how this works," Kailyn stated.

She expressed: "I hate when these dads are like, ‘We just want to co-parent.’ Obviously not.”

Additionally, she admitted that she initially thought that Chris was just threatening the haircut to her to upset her.

Chris Lopez Creed Photo

“I didn’t think he was going to do it,” Kailyn confessed.

“This man didn’t even take him to get a haircut; he did it himself,” she pointed out, explaining why it looks so bad.

Kail added: “I just said ‘where and when?’ because I knew if I said no, he was going to do it anyway.”

Lux's hair before

Kailyn shared that Chris’ fixation on using their shared children to toy with her had started the day before.

Lux had had a basketball game that day, but Chris for some reason didn’t bother to take him … and so Kailyn showed up and found that her son wasn’t there.

“Mind games … my emotions were all over the f–king place, and then he does the haircut thing the next day," Kail pointed out.

Lux's hair after

"You didn’t get the reaction you wanted out of me for [the game]…" Kailyn reasoned.

"You want a reaction, you want to piss me off, and you want to take him away from his routine," she continued.

Kailyn lamented: "I don’t understand it.”

Chris Lopez Creed Photo

Using children as pawns in twisted power games is nothing new for bitter exes, and sadly the perpetrators do not always understand why they do it.

While we certainly do not encourage Kailyn to do anything to get herself in trouble with the law, perhaps their custody arrangement could be modified to prevent this kind of disaster.

It’s not just about Creed looking good or Kailyn not wasting money on hair products. Creed is a person, not an instrument of vengeance or whatever.