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We’ve seen a whole lot on Celebrity Big Brother over the years.

Thursday’s new episode showed viewers that the latest crop of celebrities might be the messiest contestants in franchise history.

We already knew Miesha was targeting Teddi based on how she shot down Teddi’s deal during the HOH competition.

Lamar Odom on Celebrity Big Brother Season 3

But the houseguests were still trying to find their footing in one of the most famous houses on TV.

While some set up alliances, others opened up about their lives.

Lamar Odom reminisced about his time with Khloe Kardashian, revealing that he hoped she would be competing in the game.

"Something ain’t gonna feel complete if I don’t get another shot," he said to Todrick Hall.

Lamar went on to say that he thinks Kardashian was "the one."

He also said he would love the opportunity to apologize to her in person.

"You take a vow under the Lord’s eye, you expect to honor that vow," he said to the cameras.

"And I didn’t. It kind of haunts me now that I didn’t."

Odom said he was sorry for letting her family down after they welcomed him.

"I would do anything to make it up," he added.

We also got to see Lamar talking in his sleep.

"There we go, baby," he said as a shocked Todrick looked shocked from another bed across the room.

Speaking of alliances, most of the houseguests were playing too hard, too soon.

Miesha, for example, wanted to have all of the athletes in an alliance.

Like, people will target the athletes, so it’s silly of her to assume they will all make it to the end.

Miesha told Todrick she was interested in targeting Teddi for eviction.

Todrick joined a bunch of alliances, and Miesha told Mirai about her plan to take Teddi out.

Mirai wasted no time in telling Teddi, who then told Todrick.

Confused? We don’t blame you. The game is already messy.

In any case, Todrick took the news back to Miesha, who was then questioning who to target instead.

Knowing that she was in Miesha’s crosshairs, Teddi made another deal with Miesha to keep each other safe for one week each.

Will Miesha stick to the plan? We don’t know, and given that CBS kept the feeds locked down for the first eight days, we won’t know until the eviction episode airs.

We know that Cynthia Bailey has safety, thanks to the Gala twist.

But there is a huge caveat to the twist, with the literature stating that someone not nominated could be evicted.

Will this ruin Miesha’s plans?

In the end, Miesha nominated Carson and Mirai for eviction.

Carson had previously tried to speak to Todrick about their alliance in front of everyone, so Todrick might take this time to cut him out of the equation.

We’ll need to tune in on Friday at 8/7c to see how this plays out.