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On Season 5, Episode 10 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Ben Rathbun met Mahogany Roca.

She didn’t look quite like her photos (and had lied about other things). She didn’t think that Ben looked like his pics, either.

Between plentiful red flags and some conspiracy theories, fans were sure that this match couldn’t last.

This week, however, Ben and Mahogany were spotted together in Peru.

Ben Rathbun awkwardly hugs Mahogany Roca goodnight

90 Day Fiance fans sometimes spin wild, baseless conspiracy theories.

We will admit, the intrinsic weirdness of Ben and Mahogany’s story did make the "Mahogany isn’t real; this is an actor" theory almost reasonable.

But though Mahogany was certainly dishonest about multiple things, that odd claim has been put to rest.

Ben Rathbun continues to wait

On Reddit, a 90 Day Fiance fan shared an encounter with the real Ben and real-ish Mahogany.

This happened just days ago, in Lima, Peru.

This is significant because Season 5 was filmed many months ago. It looks like they’re still together after their season.

Reminder Of What

"My fiance works at a large mall in Lima and today is the last day of the visit," the redditor shared.

"So walking to exchange money today Lo and behold who walks out of a Home Depot-esque store…Ben," the post read.

At the time, Ben was "By himself, no Mahogany in sight."

Ben Rathbun sees Mahogany Roca for the first time

"I was shocked to see him here I couldn’t move for a second but my fiance wanted to chase him up an escalator," the redditor joked, "but I was too afraid."

"What are the f–king chances???" the post asked, marveling at the coincidence.

"I didn’t snap a pic of him because that to me is weird," the redditor wrote, "but I’m currently walking around the mall to see if I could run in to him again.”

Ben Rathbun hugs Mahogany Roca in apparent disbelief

“Edit: so I actually found him walking with Mahogany and approached them," the redditor revealed in an update.

"At first he was very wary of talking with me," the post reads.

"And," the redditor described, Ben "said I couldn’t say anything about them being together at the mall."

Ben said that them being together had to remain secret "but that I could take a selfie with him, I declined."

"Mahogany is kinda uptight," the redditor characterized. "I tried shaking her hand but she gave me a fist bump instead.”

Well … it’s a pandemic, and handshakes were awkward and weird even before the virus.

“F–king crazy to see them here, but they seem to be together," the redditor remarked.

"The whole actress thing is still fishy to me," the social media user explained.

The redditor feels that the relationship is authentic "because they seemed to be a couple no cameras in sight.”

Mahogany Roca - you love god

The significance to this is that either they are still together or back together — we don’t yet know how Season 5 ends.

Secondly, because Ben was leery of the redditor sharing that they’re together, this strongly implies that they are under NDA.

That could be for Season 5 … or it could mean that Ben and Mahogany are filming a new season, even if cameras didn’t follow them at the mall.

Mahogany Roca - I decided I wanted to see him

For that matter, it also solves the mystery of "who the heck is going to malls in 2022?"

The apparent answer: middle-aged cult survivors and their barely-legal Peruvian girlfriends.

As for whether they’re filming (and what they are filming, if so) … only time will tell.