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Throughout Josh Duggar’s trial on child pornography charges, there were rumors of an intense feud within the disgraced predator’s inner circle.

Many who watched the situation closely were convinced that Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, was at odds with his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle.

The belief was that the two sides disagreed with regard to legal strategies as well as on the question of Josh’s guilt.

While Anna reportedly remains convinced that her husband was framed by the Biden administration, Josh’s parents have reportedly come around to the idea that their son might be guilty.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar
Photo via Instagram

(They still don’t think that he should be in prison, of course, as they don’t believe in consequences.)

These rumors persisted after Josh’s conviction, with insiders claiming that Jim Bob and Michelle had made it clear that they would not be supporting Anna financially during her husband’s incarceration.

Now, however, the two sides of this conflict seem to have worked out some sort of mutually beneicial arrangement.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar Throwback Picture
Photo via TLC

The first sign of a buried hatchet came when Jim Bob bought a plot of land through Anna’s LLC.

The belief is that he intends to develop the land and split the profits with his daughter-in-law.

This arrangement enables to JB to continue concealing his assets from Uncle Sam, while at the same time ensuring that Anna’s seven children will be cared for.

Jim Bob Duggar Confessional Photo
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Granted, he could achieve that latter result by cutting Anna a check, or allowing her to move into the massive Duggar compound, but that’s just not Jim Bob’s style.

Anyway, it’s unclear if the arrangement has yielded any profit yet, but it seems that it’s succeeded in easing the tension between Josh’s wife and parents.

Earlier this week, Jessa Duggar posted a YouTube video documenting the annual Duggar ugly Christmas sweater party.

Anna Duggar at the Compound

To the surprise of many, Anna was in attendance, and she appeared to be enjoying herself.

On Reddit, fans speculated that Anna might be living her best life now that the initial shock of her husband’s conviction has subsided.

"I think she enjoys being a mom, she doesn’t have to deal with pest outside phone calls and she’s just a mom," one user commented, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Duggar, Anna Photo

"Her eldest is at an age where she can sister mom. Also she’s finally in a spot where Josh is likely desperate for her attention."

"And she can choose to ignore him!!!" another pointed out.

"Is it just me or does the whole family look happier with Josh in jail?" anoter person asked.

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"They are probably all just relieved to have the trial behind them," a fourth redditor chimed in.

"Whether or not they were happy with the verdict, it must be nice to not have the anxiety of not knowing how it would play out."

Yes, most people already knew that the world would be a better place with Josh behind bars.

Josh and Anna Duggar Get Fancy
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But perhaps Anna needed to experience her newfound freedom before she could realize how much better her life would be without her creepy husband in it.

Many are still hoping that Anna will divorce Josh while he’s behind bars, but that would probably cause her to lose what little support she received from her in-laws.

Better to continue milking this family for all their worth!

After all that the Duggars have put her through, we think Anna has earned the right to exploit them a bit.