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These days, the Teen Mom franchise is capitalizing on both crossover drama and nostalgia.

One oft-forgotten blast from the past is Whitney Purvis.

She was a castmate of Maci, Amber, Farrah, and Catelynn on 16 and Pregnant‘s first season, but did not advance to Teen Mom.

Whitney has more than enough drama and bad behavior to have remained a reality star, as her latest arrest illustrates.

Whitney Purvis on Instagram

Whitney Purvis was understandably nervous about giving birth to her first child.

Weston Jr. was delivered via C-section and welcomed by Whitney and then-boyfriend Weston Gosa.

Years later, they went on to bring River into the world in October of 2014.

Since then, however, they have split … but that was not the end of the couple’s troubles.

Whitney was arrested halfway into October of 2021, stemming from an incident on September 27.

The charges in Bartow County, Georgia included felony terroristic threats and acts.

Whitney was released the day after her arrest, after posting bond to the tune of $5,000.

While the details of what prompted the charges are unknown, many are assuming that sh ewas threatening her ex, Weston.

Given Whitney’s history, that is not necessarily an unreasonable guess.

At the end of November, Whitney appeared to refer to her behavioral struggles and arrest.

The November 29 Facebook post began: "One month and I’m so proud."

“Not to be cheesy," Whitney said, "but after two really rough years I’m finally starting to love and believe in myself again."

"I truly apologize if you’ve met me or had to deal with me during this toxic period," Whitney expressed.

"I was a really lost, hurt, angry and traumatized person," she confessed.

Whitney acknowledged that she was grappling "with some pretty terrible coping mechanisms."

"And," Whitney continued, she "didn’t know how to deal with any of what life was throwing at me."

“Never underestimate the power of therapy, self disciplinem and God,” she instructed.

“Time to finally grow and live up to my potential," Whitney wrote, "and learn to stop self-sabotaging."

Whitney also shared that she had lost 15 pounds, the halfway mark to her goal of losing 30 pounds.

For the past several years, Whitney has not had custody of her two children.

Weston has had both legal and physical custody of Weston Jr. and River since April of 2018.

Whitney was granted visitation rights to visit her children every other weekend.

She was also required to pay child support to the tune of $353 a month to her ex.

A year and a half later, she had fallen behind by $5,500. Reports say that she now owes much more than that.

We do not know what alleged "terrorist threats" Whitney is accused of issuing in September.

However, in 2018, she threatened Weston over texts, menacing him with the promise to "blow [his] brains out."

She also threatened to poison him with "toxic gas," to kill him, and to "slit [his] throat."

Whitney told police that she sent the texts because Whitney "had cheated on her, beat her, and humiliated her."

While we understand that there are complicated reasons that prevent even independent adults from pressing charges for domestic violence, the threats are not an alternative.

Additionally, Whitney herself has been charged with aggravated assault in the past for breaking into Weston’s home in 2014 to beat him with a broom.