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On screen, Syngin Colchester’s behavior has left 90 Day Fiance viewers divided.

Some think that he’s a loser with a drinking problem. Others find him charming or even sexy.

Recently, an anonymous woman alleged that she experienced partner abuse during a relationship with Syngin.

Following the accusations, some 90 Day Fiance fans are calling for The Single Life to shelve Syngin’s storyline and ban him from the Tell All.

Syngin Colchester phones home

When viewers first got to know Syngin Colchester, he was in a relationship with Tania Maduro.

Tania is a driven, compassionate young woman with firm, long-term goals.

In contrast, Syngin is a laid-back guy who aims for simple comforts in life.

Photo via Discovery+

The two had really hit things off when they met in South Africa, but their relationship was founded on one thing:

Sexual compatibility.

The two had an explosive, incredible sex life, and decided to keep the party going in the United States.

Tania and Syngin for 90 Day Fiance Season 7
Photo via TLC

Tania and Syngin did get married, despite some obvious signs that they were not compatible.

Ultimately, they had different goals in life — especially when it came to Tania’s desire to have children.

With heavy hearts and a lot of conflicted feelings, they decided to break up.

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That is how viewers have come to see Syngin on The Single Life‘s second season.

With Tania as a guest star and moral support, he began actively dating.

Of course, he didn’t actually stop sleeping with Tania. Their sexual compatibility didn’t go away, and neither did their love.

Syngin Colchester Carries Tanie Maduro
Photo via TLC

However, they knew that they needed a clean break for any of this to work.

That is why Syngin finally moved out, settling in Arizona to get a fresh start.

But some viewers are not too keen on continuing to watch the South African’s journey to find new love.

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Recently, an anonymous woman going by the name "Valerie" was a guest on The Fraudcast, which as you can imagine is a podcast.

There, she shared her story, claiming to have dated Syngin for some time following his split from Tania.

She accused him of mental, physical, and sexual abuse during their relationship, adding that he has major problems with alcohol and drugs.

Tania Maduro with Syngin Colchester

That is absolutely jarring and deeply upsetting.

It is true that one anonymous allegation is different from multiple allegations, and different than if someone confirmed as Syngin’s ex (like Tania) said this.

At the same time, we have to consider the allegations, hope that more information comes to light, and remember that false accusations are extremely rare.

Photo via TLC

Some are suggesting that Syngin’s storyline from this season should be scrubbed.

Yes, it would shorten the episodes, but many would consider it worth it.

Based upon the history of the franchise, that is not likely to happen.

Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester Exchange Looks

90 Day Fiance has a history of employing abusers, with some examples more obvious than others.

Convicted domestic abuser Geoffrey Paschel filmed for an entire season, displaying red flags that barely hinted at the long string of gruesome allegations against him.

Even when widespread protest by fans got him disinvited from the Tell All, TLC did not explain his absence to viewers.

Tania Maduro says she and Syngin Colchester go back and forth on kids

Big Ed Brown has been accused of sexual misconduct off-screen, but his on-screen behavior has alarmed fans for years.

Meanwhile, Angela Deem is infamous for her outrageous verbal abuse, primarily aimed at Michael Ilesanmi.

Both of them are believed to simply be too profitable for TLC and Sharp to send packing, no matter how vile they really are.

Syngin Colchester is happy to head home

Syngin is not as popular or profitable as Angela or Ed.

The anonymous allegations against him also do not put him on the level of Geoffrey’s many accusers or the physical evidence against him.

Our guess is that, at the most, Syngin will not be asked to the Season 2 Tell All.

Syngin Colchester clashes with Tania Maduro (The Single Life s2 preview)

However, even that could be a long shot unless fan pressure and advertisers push for Syngin’s removal.

At this point, it’s not necessarily a condemnation — people just want more facts before they continue to see Syngin on their screens.

It would admittedly be odd to see Big Ed take part in the Tell All but Syngin be banned from it, and difficult for the network to justify — if they even bother trying.