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This week, Tiffany Franco announced that she is reconciling with Ronald Smith.

The estranged spouses split late last summer, but have a long history of reconciling despite messy breakups.

90 Day Fiance fans were in for a surprise, however, in the aftermath of Tiffany’s big news.

Ronald says that this "reconciliation" is news to him, denying that they are back together.

As we reported, Tiffany Franco broke the apparent news this week.

She shared that she and Ronald Smith, her husband, had gotten back together.

"Yes, we have," Tiffany claimed in a short statement.

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco Smith in Montecasino
Photo via Instagram

Tiffany then alleged: "We are working on our family at this time."

That was not hearsay, a report based upon inside sources, or speculation.

The 90 Day Fiance alum herself reported on the state of her marriage.

Ronald Smith - yes (admits to using Daniel to make them stay longer)

Obviously, the story made the rounds on social media.

Though they have split and reconciled many times (we have lost count, if we’re being honest), it is still news.

Ronald clearly saw one of the headlines on Instagram … and responded in a comment.

Ronald Smith to Tiffany Franco - don't come BLEEP talk BLEEP

"Wait, what did I miss?" Ronald wrote from his Instagram account in a comment below a screenshot of the article.

"Um," he warned, "In Touch Weekly is in for a rude awakening."

"Because, um, ja, I’m not aware of this, no no," Ronald alleged.

First, we want to clarify that accounts do get hacked or otherwise misused all of the time.

While his comment was still up late on Thursday, January 20, it’s technically possible that his phone was stolen and misused.

It seems most likely, however, that both Tiffany and Ronald are speaking for themselves … but clearly, not for each other.

Photo via Instagram

People were already wondering about the alleged reconciliation news because of Ronald’s Instagram.

While he has yet to make a post formally debunking the claim, there are obvious signs that suggest that he’s not with Tiffany.

Namely, there are still photos of his new girlfriend plastered all over his page.

Tiffany has claimed that they are back together and working on their family.

Ronald has countered this by alleging that it is untrue.

Unless there is a massive miscommunication, these are mutually exclusive statements.

Photo via Instagram

The most likely explanation is that someone is lying for some unknown reason.

Generally speaking, if one person says that they are still together and another says that they are not, the latter is being truthful.

However, there are obvious exceptions, so let’s quickly speculate about some possibilities while we wait for Tiffany and Ronald to clarify.

Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco Smith
Photo via Instagram

The first and most obvious possibility is that Tiffany is, for whatever reason, deliberately lying.

This would mean that she contacted In Touch Weekly and fibbed to them, blowing her credibility to even describe her own marriage.

Is that what happened? It seems unlikely, but let’s look at possible motives.

Tiffany Franco Claps Back

The first possible motive for Tiffany to potentially lie would be to somehow sabotage Ronald’s life, to make problems for him and his girlfriend.

(That is, assuming that he and Lauren Fraser are still together … there are a lot of unknowns lingering in the air right now)

If Ronald were dating and a girlfriend heard this, she might think that Ronald is secretly betraying her and break things off.

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith
Photo via Facebook

There is a much more mundane potential motive: if Tiffany wanted to draw attention to her social media.

She, like countless 90 Day Fiance stars, is doing Instagram endorsements.

If she can draw in more views, she could potentially make more money. A banal motive, but worth mentioning.

Photo via Instagram

But what if Tiffany is telling the truth and Ronald is not?

How would that even work?

Well, one potential and purely hypothetical scenario could be that Ronald was doing damage control.

Remember when Ronald first went public with his new romance last year?

Tiffany shared that she and Ronald had recently had a naked video chat together.

The implication was that he might be cheating on his girlfriend … with his wife.

One could conceivably imagine where Ronald might have been wanting for company and had another amorous chat with Tiffany.

He could potentially, in this speculated situation, have said anything that he thought Tiffany might want to hear to get her clothes off.

Ronald gets his nut and goes to sleep happy, and Tiffany shares the news.

Ronald Smith - last night I was mad as hell with Tiffany

It could even have happened more than once before Tiffany decided that it was time to speak up.

Well, if Ronald hadn’t actually broken up with his girlfriend and didn’t genuinely intend to patch things up with Tiffany, he might go into panic mode.

There’s no non-messy outcome, but this piece of conjecture is particularly messy.

Tiffany Franco
Photo via Facebook

It’s weird that he hasn’t made a post one way or the other since that comment.

You would think that he would loudly debunk Tiffany’s claim in a more public arena.

Or, you would think that he would delete his comment calling his wife a liar. Certainly not just do nothing.

Ronald Smith kisses Tiffany Franco in South Africa

There has been buzz on social media that perhaps Ronald, no matter the situation, had been drinking when he left the comment.

While that’s always possible, we should remember that people can write weirdly without the assistance of alcohol.

We hope that we soon understand Tiffany and Ronald’s whole situation, because Daniel and Carley deserve better than this mess.