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Here at THG, we have tracked the many breakups and reconciliations of many 90 Day Fiance couples.

When it comes to these two, we have genuinely lost count.

Late last summer, Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith broke up, blasting accusations at each other. Ronald even got a new girlfriend.

Now, the husband and wife have announced that they are back together once more. Heaven help us all.

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Tiffany Franco spoke to In Touch Weekly to confirm that, despite all odds, she and Ronald have gotten back together.

“Yes we have," she revealed.

Tiffany added: "We are working on our family at this time."

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Tiffany is from the United States. Ronald is from South Africa, where he still resides.

The two have been married for years, despite numerous breakups following the wedding.

They have two children: Daniel, Tiffany’s son, and their daughter, Carley.

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Tiffany initially made the journey to South Africa with Daniel to see if they could raise her family in South Africa.

Pregnant by Ronald Smith, Tiffany was leery of leaving her own family behind for an unfamiliar country.

She did end up marrying Ronald. Ronald also formed a famously close bond with Daniel.

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However, Tiffany also came to realize that she absolutely could not raise her family in South Africa.

It was not only that Ronald’s area of the country had issues with crime, litter, and less-than-ideal vibes for raising a family.

The economy of South Africa has struggled for decades — not yet recovering from international sanctions brought against the country’s infamous apartheid policies.

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The couple resolved to raise their family together in the United States.

Ronald would be seeking a marital visa, rather than a K-1 visa, because they were already married.

However, the detail about South Africa’s economy impacted more about their marriage than where they planned to live.

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Ronald, somewhat infamously, does not have much in the way of employment.

On the one hand, it is absolutely and genuinely difficult to find steady, let alone well-paying, employment for many South Africans.

But many do get real jobs. And some of Ronald’s financial choices have been mind-boggling to see a father make.

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Ronald’s impulse-buying caused problems in two ways.

First, it made Tiffany feel that he was not supporting their family or responsible with what little money he had.

Second, the more that he bought in South Africa, the less it seemed like he was planning on reuniting with their family in America.

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Financial worries, the logistics of an international move, and long-distance relationships can wear on any couple.

There were also major dispositional issues that have haunted these two.

Namely, that Ronald has an inexcusably poor temper and lashes out angrily, like a child.

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We cannot say that we always agree with Tiffany — far from it — but nothing excuses speaking to a fellow human being like Ronald speaks to his wife.

It’s not all of the time, but that does not matter.

Yes, they both go all in when they break up and speak out on social media, but Ronald speaks to Tiffany with dripping hostility while they’re together.

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One hopes that Daniel does not get the impression that it’s okay to treat people, or be treated, like Ronald treats Tiffany.

However, behind the scenes, Tiffany seems to have her own villainous moments.

Rather than verbal abuse and rampant immaturity, she has been accused of lying about Ronald’s visa process.

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Meanwhile, after their breakup last summer, Ronald moved on.

He found himself a new girlfriend, and the two had some steamy adventures.

They plastered their PDA all over the internet … which was not super mature or chill of Ronald.

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Tiffany has made her own poor choices, including being seen multiple times spending time with 90 Day Fiance villain Angela Deem.

Angela is not just an antagonist on camera — she is, in many ways, a bad person.

Numerous 90 Day Fiance fans expressed feelings of confusion and betrayal to see her voluntarily spend time with someone so rotten and vile.

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However, defenders spoke up for Tiffany, noting that she shouldn’t be subjected to guilt-by-association.

Besides, the friendship might be out of a sense of obligation to the franchise.

Awful though she may be, Angela is ratings gold, and Tiffany may have felt that she had little choice but to "kiss the ring," so to speak.

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It’s sad to see Tiffany and Ronald once again make such an unwise decision as to reconcile.

As individuals, they both have likable qualities, but their history proves that they are a toxic couple making themselves miserable for no reason.

We’d love for them to have a happily ever after, but that’s not realistic. Their personalities won’t allow it.

Update: While Tiffany told In Touch Weekly that they’re working on mending things, Ronald is disputing that claim.

On Instagram, he fired off a comment denying that it’s true. A couple of explanations come to mind.

Did Tiffany make up a reconciliation for funsies? Or was Ronald playing both sides (both Tiffany and his new girlfriend) and had to do damage control?