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In a word?


In his latest Instagram post, Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff provided a frightening and unexpected update on the property he’s owned for many years, the same lot of land that is so often featured on this TLC reality show.

Matt Roloff on Tractor
Photo via Instagram

We’re talking about Roloff Farms, of course.

And we’re also talking about a fire that engulfed the popular tourist stop this week!

"Never a dull moment here on the farm… we had a Fire in the Chicken barn !!" wrote Roloff as a caption to a slideshow of videos on Wednesday.

"A For real scary story ..… Yesterday we dodged a bullet with our 110 year old sweet building."

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler as a Couple
Photo via Instagram

It really does sound like a crisis was just barely averted.

"Thanks to my buddy Ty … who every year pushes me to have as many up to date fire extinguishers on @rolofffarms as we can fit in all the barns and structures …AND. The quick reactions of our farm hand Jason .. we saved the barn," continued Matt.

"Called 911 around 10 am yesterday with smoke pouring and I mean pouring out the sides.."

Caryn with Matt R
Photo via Instagram

Thankfully, no person was hurt and no animal was injured.

"the chickens had already gone out for the day a few hours earlierr," explained Roloff.

"I had gotten home to the farm late the night before from AZ.. it’s was 3:45 am before I crawled into bed… then …few hours of sleep later.

"I hear the commotion in the chicken barn outside my window… flames are 6 ft high and spread along one of the interior walls…"

Matt Roloff is Serious

Matt has been spending a great deal of time of late in Arizona with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

Sounds here like it’s a good thing he was back in Oregon for this near-catastrophe.

"Between all the hands on the farm and the quick response of our local fire department the barn is saved.. only some interior damage," concluded Roloff.

"Fire was caused by a light falling to the floor. Likely happened when all the chickens rush to get out their automatic door in the moring … No chickens were injured in the event."

Matt Roloff on Season 22

Phew! We’re so very glad to hear it.

We haven’t heard much from Matt of late, but some exciting recent news makes it sound like that will soon change.

Little People, Big World has been renewed for two seasons, you guys!