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After everything that has gone down recently, it’s only a little surprising that Mary Cosby skipped the RHOSLC Reunion.

Normally, Reunions are a place to hash out drama, a crucible where some Housewives can redeem themselves.

As an added incentive, Bravo tends to offer a substantial payday for one (long) day of work.

How much did Mary miss out on by ghosting her castmates? How much was she making to begin with?

Mary Cosby explains a quirk on RHOSLC

Housewives are known to rake in a tremendous amount of money.

Some of the highest paid stars of the franchise have made more than $1 million per season — and that’s just direct payouts from Bravo.

Fame can be monetized, and Housewives have gone on to advertise products, launch companies, and more to further enrich themselves.

But with few exceptions, Housewives don’t start off raking in the big bucks.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is widely viewed and a hot topic of discussion, but it’s only on its second season.

Nobody’s making NeNe Leakes or Bethenny Frankel or Kathy Hilton money, right?


It is reported that Mary was only making about $6,000 per episode, according to Tamra Tattles.

While that’s frankly an amazing salary in proportion to the labor involved, in the grand scheme of things, that’s not a huge paycheck.

Apparently, Mary was not alone in this.

Heather, Jen, Meredith, Lisa, and Whitney are reportedly in similar boats.

While the cast of a show like 90 Day Fiance might salivate at the idea of this kind of payout, it’s a beginning wage for a Housewife.

Mary Cosby in Church

It is speculated that Mary would have only made $18,000 to film the three-part Reunion special.

Apparently, it wasn’t worth it to her — especially considering how much well-deserved scrutiny she is currently under.

She reportedly asked Bravo to send her final payments right away, and doesn’t seem interested in continuing to film for future seasons.

There has been a lot of speculation about why Mary is quitting the show.

First and foremost, she has had multiple racism scandals and likely did not want to have to discuss them on the Reunion.

Though she has apologized, that’s … not the same as explaining why this keeps happening.

People have also raised the subject of Mary’s church and how much scrutiny she and it is experiencing.

Why? Because her "church empire" has been characterized as a cult by former members.

People have described the community as revering Mary, and Mary as toxic.

Mary Cosby directs her choir on RHOSLC

It may be that she decided that $6,000 per episode is not enough if it brings her empire crumbling down.

After all, look at what is happening to Jen Shah.

Sure, the FBI might have come looking for Jen regardless, but with scandal on the mind, it only makes sense to put Mary under a microscope.

That said, reports say that inside of Bravo, it is believed that Mary is unhappy with her edit.

She is wildly eccentric, from making her eyes bulge to making guests wear booties over their shoes.

Perhaps she thought that some of her more positive moments would make the cut.