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Very recently, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shut down filming after multiple cast members tested positive for COVID-19.

Some Housewives are sick, others are just isolating while afraid that they may have contracted the virus also.

There is some good news on the horizon, however.

Kathy Hilton has finally inked out a formal deal that guarantees her return to Season 12 of RHOBH.

Kathy Hilton has some notes (rhobh s11 reunion preview)

We’ve known for a while that Kathy’s return to RHOBH was probably a good idea.

Fans wanted it. Bravo wanted it. And Kathy at least seemed willing.

It turns out that there was one unsurprising thing that made it happen: money.

Kathy Hilton in Beverly Hills
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TMZ reports that Kathy Hilton’s strategy of holding out for more money has paid off — literally.

She has worked out a deal with Bravo just in time to appear on Season 12.

Previously, she had felt that she was being undervalued by producers. 

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It took several weeks of negotiations for Kathy and Bravo to reach an agreement.

Kathy will return as a Friend of the Housewives, making recurring appearances on the show.

Even if the intention were for her to be a Full Housewife, it is simply too late in the season — as the other ladies have been filming for weeks.

TMZ actually spoke to Kyle Richards, who is not only Kathy’s castmate but also her sister.

Everyone had noticed that the ladies were filming without Kathy.

But Kyle shared that Kathy had been wrapped up in helping plan Paris’ wedding.

That’s a good cover story … but what is the truth?

TMZ explains that Kathy wanted more money to film, and that’s what she’s getting.

We can now expect her to join and begin filming with the other ladies right after the holidays.

Well, if COVID-19 permits it, anyway.

Late last week, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, and Garcelle Beauvais all tested positive for the virus.

Fortunately, all three women are vaccinated and have only mild symptoms.

Production for those who continue to test negative to the virus will resume later this week.

We of course wish those infected with the virus the very best, along with their families.

Even a mild case of COVID can lead to long-term debilitating side effects. We wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne

Kathy has been a fan-favorite for a while, with a lot of demand to see her on screen.

At the same time, that is not universal. No fandom is a monolith.

While some feel that Kathy brings a dose of class to the show, others have expressed that they feel that she is stuck up and not sufficiently entertaining.

Like we said, you can’t please everyone, and many of us would recoil if Bravo simply met whatever requests that viewers made the loudest.

In this case, however, most agree that this is a good and potentially refreshing choice.

Not every season can be all about Erika and her devastating divorce, scandal, and state of finances.

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Some might call Kathy "greedy" for holding out for more pay, because she is already so wealthy.

But with an estimated net worth of around a third of a billion dollars, she likely understands the value of her time.

Being a reality star isn’t an act of charity. It’s a job, and everyone deserves to be paid for what they do.