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Jacob Roloff has never been someone unafraid to speak his mind.

Not even when it comes to his own family members and some issues he may have with them.

Case in point?

Just over a year ago… when Jacob called out Audrey Roloff for her lame and insensitive reaction to the nationwiide social justice protests in the wake of George Floyd getting murdered by a cop in Minnesota.

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Now, however, Jacob has shifted his focus from one sister-in-law to another.

Late last week, Zach Roloff shared an article titled "The Cult of Masked Schoolchildren" from Tablet Magazine via his Instagram Story, and Jacob immediately jumped all over his sibling for it.

In a follow-up to her husband’s upload, Tori Roloff encouraged followers to read the full article in question, elaborating on where she and her spouse stand as follows:

"Zach and I are not anti-mask, but we are pro-choice. If you believe masks work so well, then wear one, and you will receive no judgment from us."

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The topic of mandating masks for young kids school has been a contentious one for awhile.

Considering her openness to those who do choose to mask their kids, Tori said she "would expect the same grace to be given to others who believe differently," meaning she doesn’t want to be judged for NOT putting son Jackson or daughter Lilah in a face covering.

But there’s a flaw in this logic:

Wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 from the person wearing the mask to those in his or her proximity.

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Therefore, Tori is placing the health of other children at risk when she chooses to not mask her own kids.

This isn’t a question of grace. It’s a public health crisis.

Jacob went ahead and picked up on this same theme in his response to Tori and Zach, sharing an article that states:

"The U.S. reports 3,896 new coronavirus deaths, highest since January 2021."

Added Jacob in his affiliated caption:

Get vaccinated and wear masks people.

It’s not just a bad medical decision to not do so (although it mainly is) it’s also socially disrespectful and uncaring.

Not everyone can be so cavalier about Long Covid.

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Jacob previously feuded with Jeremy Roloff over the latter’s support of Donald Trump.

He even slammed his brother as a moron at one point.

For the most part, however, Tori and Zach have always come across as extremely non-controversial, hence the shock in this case of seeing Jacob go after them in a public forum.

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Continued Jacob in his pro-mask counter:

In a pandemic we are acutely interdependent.

Individual choices can affect the whole, and  a choice that endangers the social whole is not a valid or a good one.

Certainly and only reinforces the pandemics continuation, rather than affirming any genuine individuality.

Jacob likely would hold this stance no matter what.

But he and wife Isabel welcomed their first child, a son named Mateo, in early December.

The (very) young man is obviously unvaccinated, which probably influences Jacob’s passionate take on the subject.

And, really, can anyone blame him?