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Isabel Roloff has once again opened up to her fans and followers.

Unfortunately, not about anything especially positive.

The former Little People, Big World star welcomed her first child in early December, a boy named Mateo.

Neither she nor husband Jeremy has delved into much detail behind the labor and delivery, but Isabel did note last month that it was traumatic.

Izzie Roloff

Now, the brand new mother has expounded a bit on what she went through… and what she continues to go through.

"I have had some postpartum anxiety of course, but I think that’s really normal as a first time mom," Roloff wrote on her Instagram Story this week.

She then urged those that suffering in "any capacity" to have "safety measures in place and be prepared for any variation of experience during the postpartum period."

Isabel, who has been candid in the past about her mental health struggles, followed up a short time later.

Isabel Roloff on Beach

"I am speaking mostly emotionally and mentally here, but did I mention being grateful for the abilities to go on walks?" she wrote, adding:

"With that said, physically I see a long road to recovery ahead of me. I’m only five weeks [postpartum] but I’m in a lot of pain still, and these daily walks are motivation for me and my body to KEEP GOING.

"I’m going to likely need pelvic floor therapy, continue acupuncture, massage, chiropractor and so much more."

"We’re still deeply healing over here, but still so much gratitude for the whole journey."

We’re sure there are millions of women out there nodding along with Isabel, able to fully and completely relate.

Isabel and Jacob welcomed their first child late last year, but have agreed to not reveal his face to the public.

The former has admitted, though, that there were a few complications along the way.

"Our birth story didn’t go as planned; as we know life rarely ever does," she opened a lengthy message in mid-December.

Photo via Instagram

Continued Isabel at the time:

"These past few weeks have show me what true surrender and trust looks like. I have never been more hands on my knees afraid and I have also never known… a love so big.

"Seeing Jacob as a father is the most heartwarming thing I have ever witnessed. Being a mother is the most myself I have ever felt.

Isabel also said she will soon be sharing her whole "painful" birth story with fans, as she’s been writing about it and has called it "very cathartic to get out."

Jacob and Isabel Roloff Pic
Photo via Instagram

As for Jacob, the youngest child of Amy and Matt Roloff?

"My beautiful son was born one week ago early on December 4th. Mateo Tomás," he wrote after becoming a father for the first time.

"I already feel an endless love and fierce protection for this boy.

"Mama Juj was an absolute superhero in the process, and my love and appreciation for her grows more every day."