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Over the weekend, Bravo fans were surprised to learn that Erika Jayne is no longer being sued in Illinois.

The court dismissed her from her estranged husband’s embezzlement and fraud lawsuit.

Erika isn’t entirely out of the woods yet, and she knows that she has more legal hurdles ahead.

But for the moment, Erika is savoring this victory, and taking a moment to celebrate.

Erika Jayne Drinks During the Tension

As we reported over the weekend, the court filing dismissed the plaintiff’s claims against Erika and her company.

That ruling was for the federal lawsuit filed in Illinois, and does not preclude the plaintiff from re-filing in California.

Still, Erika saw and appreciated the widespread coverage, and made it clear on social media that she appreciated the support.

Erika Jayne Argues

Erika took to her Instagram Story at the time to share a bouquet of headlines about the dismissal.

She also shared a video clip of herself expressing her feelings.

Specifically? Erika declared "f–k you!" proudly and firmly.

Photo via Bravo

Erika also shared a photo of herself raising her fist in the sky, a symbol of triumph.

Despite the gesture and the headlines, Erika does not address the matter in her own words.

That could be due to legal advice … or it could be the result of Bravo wanting first dibs on all of Erika’s public statements.

Erika Jayne with Weird Hair

After all, the show is filming right now, which means that Erika’s good news was likely covered on camera in short order.

One imagines the ladies (said to be filming a vacation at the moment) and their shocked responses at the news.

Is that why Kathy Hilton was reportedly desperate to get the hell away from the group? Only time will tell.

Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne

Erika has had some fierce critics, both among viewers and her own castmates.

She has, however, enjoyed steadfast supporters, including her friend Lisa Rinna.

"YES YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lisa commented under one of Erika’s photos, alongside a string of red heart emojis.

Photo via Bravo

Erika’s attorney confirmed that this dismissal is important news.

Acknowledging that the plaintiff can and likely will re-file the suit in California, it was meaningful that Erika was dismissed from the initial lawsuit.

This was the lawsuit that caused Girardi Keese and Tom Girardi himself to go bankrupt.

Photo via Bravo

Erika’s attorney emphasized that she had no role in anything related to Tom’s professional relationship with his clients.

Additionally, she did not have any role in any actions or inactions pertaining to the Lion Air case.

Her attorney added that Erika did not receive any of the Lion Air settlement funds intended for Tom’s clients.

Photo via Bravo

We don’t doubt that the attorney who was already suing Erika will re-file — he has already declared that intention.

Erika may be in a stronger position now that she has been formally separated from "the" lawsuit.

It would be interesting to see the alleged evidence against her, assuming that it really exists, to better understand this ongoing scandal.

Erika Jayne Enjoys a Tasty Drink

However, we’re not likely to see anything like that outside of a courtroom.

What we can expect to see will be Erika reacting to the epic highs and lows of being embattled and sued as filming continues.

It will be many months before this season airs, but we’re sure that, even then, we’ll learn new things about where things stand with Erika.