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In November, the glorious and incomparable Britney Spears began to celebrate her freedom.

Thirteen years of living in a gilded cage under her father’s absolute control left Britney with a lot of catching up to do.

She has big plans for her freedom, but there are also little things that the rest of us take for granted that Britney can now do.

One of them is post her naked body to the internet to celebrate her freedom.

Photo via Instagram

"Free woman energy has never felt better," Britney Spears captioned a pair of photos.

In them, she is snapping mirror selfies while wearing a pair of white stockings … and nothing else.

For Instagram-mandated censorship, Britney’s nipple is covered by a soft pink flower emoji, and her genitals obscured by a magenta heart emoji.

Photo via Instagram

Britney looks phenomenal, of course. She always has.

But she isn’t just flaunting her incredible body with some thirst traps.

Yes, she’s doing that, but she’s also celebrating the fact that she can without risking being "punished" under the conservatorship.

Just a couple of months into her hard won freedom, Britney has a lot of catching up to do.

She is marking milestones, from making major life plans with hunky fiance Sam Asghari to the little things.

Simple pleasures, like enjoying her first ever glass of red wine at the age of 40, are symbols of how far she has come.

Nearly 14 years ago, in early 2008, Britney’s father, Jamie, tightened his grip upon her career, her finances, and his life.

Through the complicated and controversial conservatorship system, Britney was stripped of many of her human rights.

What is truly grim about this is that, for many years, the public ignored and was generally unaware of Britney’s plight.

It makes sense that Britney did not use her limited voice to ask for help, not even asking famous friends to speak on her behalf.

For many years, the public and the press had been her enemy.

The aughts were a difficult time to be a celebrity — more visible than ever before, with a culture dedicated to "ironic" cruelty.

Britney in particular was the subject of widespread scrutiny and nonstop harassment.

One of the biggest superstars in the history of the world, she was relentlessly photographed.

Some of those closest to her were reportedly on cahoots with those hounding her, making sure that she never knew a moment’s peace.

After all of that and more, it is no wonder that Britney assumed that the public did not and would not care.

It took some time after her conservatorship began to make headlines in 2019 before she realized how much the culture had changed.

Before, Free Britney stans had been a bitter and vocal minority, grumbling on social media about how much they loathed Jamie Spears and Lou Taylor.

Now, Britney saw that the entire world was on her side.

Politicians from both sides of the aisle and the general public at large were loudly demanding her freedom.

The more information that came to light about the shady circumstances of her conservatorship, the more outraged that the world grew.

But it was in a court of law, not the court of public opinion, that Britney was able to wrest away control of her life.

Last summer, Judge Brenda Penny ordered that Britney be allowed to hire her own attorney — for the first time in more than a decade.

Finally being represented by an attorney she selected, Britney doubled down on her courtroom battle against her awful father — and won.

Right now, Britney is still under intense scrutiny, even if the general culture has changed.

At any moment, she might do or say something odd — as any celebrity mom might — that gets blown out of proportion.

Her greatest fear is that the public could turn on her again. We applaud her for continuing to put herself out there on social media … especially when she looks so good doing it.